They want the "flag" down in SC

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    I just heard an audio clip from today by Calipso Louie (aka Louis Farrakhan) saying that the US Flag should be torn down as well.
    Here we go.
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    Hey, Calypso Louie.....go [do-it] yourself.
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    I was thinking........ "Hey, Calypso Louie.....go [finger] yourself."
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    Louie should, along with other potstirrers, be served a ration of lead.

    N.B. - I am not advocating, just wishing.
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    Somebody seems to be trying real hard to incite a race war.
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    Pretty good write up here: Put It All in One Big Museum - Derek Hunter - Page 1

    I don't agree with the entire article, but this part is right on target:

    "So let us take Gov. Haley’s suggestion, which is also President Obama’s suggestion, and put it all in a museum.
    We can call the museum The Progressive Museum Of Democratic Party History. The Confederate flag from South Carolina can be on full display with a placard telling the story of how Democratic Gov. “Fritz” Hollings and his fellow Democrats raised it above the statehouse as a thumb in the eye of the civil rights movement.

    But this would be a small, boring museum if that was all it contained. Luckily the Democratic Party has a long history of racism we can use to fill this museum.

    In addition to the South Carolina artifacts, the museum can proudly display then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton’s signed copy of “Act 116” in which he decreed, “The blue star above the word “Arkansas” (on the state’s flag) is to commemorate the Confederate States of America.” It exists, it’s right here.

    We also can add a sign from Nathan Bedford Forrest State Park in Tennessee. Named for the Confederate general and first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, it “began as a local park constructed by the Works Progress Administration, a Depression-era work recovery program.” The WPA was one of Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s signature programs, and the park was established during the tenure of Democratic Gov. Henry Hollis Horton.

    There could be a segregation wing explaining how Democratic Party lawmakers in the south conceived and implemented separate facilities for white and black people. Add on a voter suppression wing that shows how in the immediate aftermath of the Civil War, black Americans were elected throughout the South as Republicans, but when reconstruction ended, Democrats erected barriers for non-whites to vote, beginning the segregation and Klan era.

    The Klan floor would be chock full of pictures of prominent Democrats from its founding right up until the 21st century with twice-elected Democratic Majority Leader of the U.S. Senate Robert Byrd. They could even have the video of Byrd dropping N-bombs on live TV on a loop.

    Actually, given the intermingling of the Democratic Party and racism, and just how much history of it there is, one museum may not be large enough to house it all. Perhaps each state’s Democratic Party headquarters could offer up some space and the artifacts can be rotated to a new state annually. Democrats could charge admission and then, since their forefathers were both the architects and beneficiaries of this vile strain of hatred, match the money raised from their campaign contributors and that money could be distributed as reparations.

    There are statues galore of Democratic Party racists that could be used to fill the grounds, so each museum could have an outside area for quiet reflection. Why not do it?

    You can’t blame Democrats for their willingness to wipe away racist symbols and perpetrators of that evil from our collective consciousness because it’s their history and they don’t want people to know that. George Wallace and Bull Connor weren’t just horrible human beings, they were leaders in the Democratic Party. If the nation is to have an honest discussion about race it should start with an honest discussion about the racists one party has unleashed on this country since its founding.

    Of course, that’s exactly why we aren’t having that conversation and why we’re talking about a flag."​
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    What we have been taught and come to believe has been edited, expurgated, abridged, censored and just plain rewritten for more than 140 years.

    Prophetic words;

    "Every man should endeavor to understand the meaning of subjugation before it is too late...It means the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by Northern schoolteachers; will learn from Northern school books their version of the war; will be impressed by the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors, and our maimed veterans as fit objects for derision...The conqueror's policy is to divide the conquered into factions and stir up animosity among them... ....It is said slavery is all we are fighting for, and if we give it up we give up all. Even if this were true, which we deny, slavery is not all our enemies are fighting for. It is merely the pretense to establish sectional superiority and a more centralized form of government, and to deprive us of our rights and liberties." - Confederate Major General Patrick Cleburne, January, 1864

    In our current politically correct world he has proven right. The victors write history. And they continue to rewrite it to suit their own ends.

    In 2000 the movie Ride With the Devil was suppressed in distribution and offered in only 200 theaters for a limited three-day engagement despite the fact that it was directed by Oscar-winning director Ang Lee and had received many excellent reviews. It was suppressed by its distributor, USA Films, because it factually portrayed a Black Confederate guerrilla fighting with Confederate Bushwhackers in the Kansas-Missouri operations. The video release of the movie was delayed for two months to allow removal of the image of the Black Confederate from the cover art. The character was based faithfully on Free Black John Noland who rode with Quantrill as a scout and spy.

    The attempt by these feel good liberal idiots is just another attempt to rewrite history. They portray the Confederate flag as a symbol of white racism. But what about the black, mexican and native americans who fought and died under that flag?

    "Black Southerners fought alongside white, Hispanic, Indian, Jewish and thousands of foreign-born Southerners. They fought as documented by Union sources:

    "Frederick Douglass, Douglass' Monthly, IV [Sept. 1861,] pp 516 - "there are at the present moment many colored men in the Confederate Army - as real soldiers, having muskets on their shoulders, and bullets in their pockets, ready to shoot down loyal troops, and do all that soldiers may do to destroy the Federal government.."

    Journal of Negro History, Charles Wesle, Vol. 4, #3, [1919,] 244-245 - "Seventy free blacks enlisted in the Confederate Army in Lynchburg, Virginia. Sixteen companies of free men of color marched through Augusta, Georgia on their way to fight in Virginia."

    13th Louisiana Infantry, which included five companies of 'Avegno Zouaves' who still were wearing their once dashing traditional blue jackets, red caps and red baggy trousers. These five Zouaves companies were made up of Irish, Dutch, Negroes, Spaniards, Mexicans, and Italians."

    From James G. Bates' letter to his father reprinted in the 1 May 1863 "Winchester [Indiana] Journal" [the 13th IVI ["Hoosier Regiment"] was involved in operations around the Suffolk, Virginia area in April-May 1863 ] - "I can assure you [Father,] of a certainty, that the rebels have negro soldiers in their army. One of their best sharp shooters, and the boldest of them all here is a negro. He dug himself a rifle pit last night [16 April 1863] just across the river and has been annoying our pickets opposite him very much to-day. You can see him plain enough with the naked eye, occasionally, to make sure that he is a "wooly-head," and with a spy-glass there is no mistaking him."

    The 85th Indiana Volunteer Infantry reported to the Indianapolis Daily Evening Gazette that on 5 March 1863: "During the fight the [artillery] battery in charge of the 85th Indiana [Volunteer Infantry] was attacked by two rebel negro regiments."

    But the "Northern" teachers who have taught our children their version of history, if they even acknowledge that blacks actually fought for the confederacy, claim that they were simply slaves who were forced to fight by their masters, and were basically used as "cannon fodder". But one monument dispels that lie:
    "The Confederate Burial Mound for Camp Morton, Indiana, at Indianapolis, Indiana, has bronze tablets which list the nearly 1200 Confederates prisoners of war who died at that camp. Among those names are 26 Black Southerners, seven Hispanic Southerners and six Indian Southerners. At a time when those Black Southerners could have walked into the Camp Commander's office, taken a short oath and signed their name to walk out the gates free men obliged to no one they chose instead to stay even unto death."

    Let's look at how the brave Union troops who were fighting and dying to free those poor blacks treated the blacks who fought along side them;

    "Union soldiers robbed, raped and murdered Free Black and slave Southerners they had come to "emancipate." Union "recruiters" hunted, kidnapped and tortured Black Southerners to compel them to serve in the Union Army. At the Battle of the Crater white Union soldiers bayoneted retreating Black Union soldiers and the 54th Massachusetts was intentionally fired upon by Union Maine troops while assaulting Battery Wagner. The Federal Official Records and memoirs of the USCT document all of these war crimes."

    " ...As usual with the enemy, they posted their negro regiments on their left and in front, where they were slain by hundreds, and upon retiring left their dead and wounded negroes uncared for, carrying off only the whites, which accounts for the fact that upon the first part of the battle-field nearly all the dead found were negroes." - Federal Official Records, Vol. XXV, Chapter XLVII, pg. 341 - report of the Confederate Commander, Savannah, April 27, 1864 - Battle of Ocean Pond

    It is time that the misrepresentation which has come to be accepted as "history" is restored to its full measure and the positive and negative aspects of all parties exposed for the consideration of all Americans.
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    Excellent post @Minuteman. They certainly never taught that in my history class nor my children's.
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    Another thing they don't teach is the story of the last Confederate unit to surrender. They were trapped on a hilltop in, IIRC, Alabama. Surrounded with no chance of escape they were called upon to surrender. They rejected the offer and continued to fight for 3 days. Not until they had exhausted the last of their ammo, food and water did the few remaining survivors hoist the white flag of surrender. They were an all black unit.

    The last Confederate soldiers to surrender were a crew on one of the Confederate Navy's people powered submarines that tried and failed to run the Union blockade and were captured. Two of the 5 man crew were black.

    Heritage not hate. The flag stood for more than slavery, more than "white privilege", it stood for resistance to a rogue government. Resistance to a federal government usurping the rights of the individual states. Resistance to tyranny.
    The fact that Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans would rather fight and die for the Confederacy than submit to that tyranny shows the "history" taught by the victors to be the lie that it is.
    Is it any wonder they want to purge it from our collective conscience?
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    My great grandparents were brought up and served during the civil war. All the old stories about how bad slaves were treated is a bunch of bull. After the war and after my great grandfather had passed,my great grandmother went back to Georgia twice in an oxen wagon with six free slaves,if they had been mistreated they could have just walked off. They were told they could leave or stay as long as they wanted to.As they had never been mistreated,they all stayed the rest of their lives and were took care of.My parents would never have let talk bad about any one,black or white. The flag has nothing to do slavery,it was nothing but a battle flag,something every one could rally around,black and white alike. The flag today,tomorrow what's it going to be.We are losing our freedom at a rate that hasn't been seen since the constution was signed.
  11. Minuteman

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    Or since the Declaration Of Independence was signed!!
  12. Minuteman

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    I get the drift of what most SM members are , this crew I actually have respect for.. The thing we need to work on isnt bitchin about what states do( f**kem) its what WE can do .I still fly my confederate & others , proudly. We as a group need to make OUR voice heard. If that doesnt work, save your whiskey/ beer bottles & rags..just MY .02.
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    This is a very strange time in history....wiping out history for political gain.....I can't wait until history wipes out Al Sharpton and Barack Obama as if they never existed....that will be a great day I will patiently wait for.
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    More likely they will get their own Federal Holidays. Much like the future Black Reparations, Hispanic Reparation, and Native American Reparation Days*, Caucasian Sub Americans will spend those days in servitude.

    * They will rename Independence Day, Memorial Day, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving.
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    I am not trying to cause trouble but I have never heard any native born Hispanic claim that they are owed reparations. However when the treaty of Guadalupe hildalgo was signed my family had thousands upon thousands of acres stolen. Does the U.S. government owe us money, they sure do. Do you hear us complain about it, never. People from northern NM have gone on to fight with courage every war America has been in since. My great uncle was a member of the NM national guard and was captured in the Philippines and survived the Bataan death march, he died about ten years ago. His brother fought in Europe and he loved to talk about crossing the Po river. I had three uncle that served in Vietnam. My father was a navy corpsman during the Vietnam era. Please do not lump us in with the garbage that wants to get rid of the confederate flag and rewrite history. Thank you for allowing me to rant

    Edit: Just because we are Hispanic does not mean we are Mexican, we believe the la raza crowd are a bunch of fools. There is a difference
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    Look around, you will find almost every group has at one time or another demanded payment for perceived debts.

    One reason that most did not receive payment is that they chose automatic citizenship in the US.

    "With the defeat of its army and the fall of its capital, Mexico entered into negotiations to end the war. The treaty called for the US to pay $15 million to Mexico and to pay off the claims of American citizens against Mexico up to $3.25 million. It gave the United States the Rio Grande as a boundary for Texas, and gave the US ownership of California and a large area comprising New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado. Mexicans in those annexed areas had the choice of relocating to within Mexico's new boundaries or receiving American citizenship with full civil rights. Over 90% chose to become US citizens."
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    @HK_User, there is NOTHING you can tell me about this subject. There is much more to it than what Wikipedia says. My family was "Mexican" for less than twenty years so we never identified as Mexican but as Spanish, we are Basque, the only gallic tribe to never had been conquered or to have surrendered.

    Edit: If ALL the land grants had been honored then we would still have our land. The U.S. picked and chose which treaties to honor. IF you want the real story PM me
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    FWIW, Wiki has a full trail of references, to include the actual treaty and other documents as what really happened, for those others who might wish to see for themselves.

    Land Grant arguments and lack of documents had a lot to do with the 6, 7, & 8 changes in the Treaty.

    Have a nice Day.
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