They're going for ammo in CA.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Jan 8, 2013.

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    What's new . . . right?

    Shootings Prompt New Gun Bill | NBC Bay Area

    So, MY question is: how will these restrictions make anyone safer. Let's say Crazed Nutbag buys 500 rounds of ammo and it's recorded. If said nutbag plans to kill himself at the end of the killing spree, so what if the sale of ammo was recorded!

    All that's going to occur from something like this is more govt., but their won't be ANY tradeoff in terms of lives saved.

    Therefore, I must suggest that this bill is only useful to DISARM the public, rather than save any lives.
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  2. enloopious

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    The strange thing about CA is that if you are not in an Incorporated area you are able to buy any guns you would like including full auto... or at least that is how it was before I left there.
  3. Rune

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    They can't get rid of all guns and they know it. All they can go after is ammo making it and components to reload impossible to get.
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    This was tried before, not to say they will not try again.

    Last time it was a BATF operation and was "Limited" to ammo that fit pistols. Well we all know how stupid that is. But it didn't stop them then so now they're going for the whole bucket.

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    Who cares what Kommiefornia does about Ammo... Let them (the Residents) reap, what they sewed, when they elected these Idiots. When they finally figure out it doesn't work, only the Druggies and Gangs will have the Ammo, and the Taxpayers will have ALL left the State, for safer Places....
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    (yeah yeah, i know, i've said it before) boolits ain't constitutionally protected. Just Sayin'

    I say it's going to be the EPA and lead route. That's ok, we've all been saving our pre 1983 pennies right?
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    I would argue that ammo is protected as it comprises what constitutes "arms".
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    Oh you can haves all the boolits you want but not if they are made of evil brain / central nervous system damaging lead.
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