They're watching us

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Feb 23, 2012.

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  2. yes I have... I learned that my tinfoil has been folded wrong and not tighten properly... but then again I'm no government agent... I had to much common sense and understood what "Freedom" really meant :/
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    Tracking me must be boring...
  4. Alpha Dog

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    Ok Ill come clean I'm a top secret sleeper agent just waiting for the call. Just that with the econemy they turned my phone off but DHS said they will hook me up with a welfare phone. Then Ill be back on the hunt just waiting for my call with the secret code word to activate my ninja skillzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!![sheep][elim]
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    Ok I will admit it... I was a FED, a while back... but now reTIRED.... and my JOB was to "Listen to the Airwaves".... but not for Political Content..... .... YMMV.....

    I also saw the new FCC Budget calls for them to expand the Resident Field Agent Corps, by about 100 Agents... if congress gives them the money... Who knows, maybe they will call back some of us OLD FARTS.....
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    Isn't FEMA the same as the SS nazi's ??? As a student of history it seems so.
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    More like Stasi IMO, which is worse for most of us.
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    Looks like all the moles are surfacing on their own, I knew this site was being watched. It's a trap! :D [stirpot]
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  9. snowbyrd

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    The cow has pooped in the field.
    >The crow ate the corn.
    >The emu kicked the yak.
    Load and lock???

    (got your decoder ring?)
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    Sounds like MonkeyNet, to this ear...
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    Oh yeah...the Monkeys have all been at the Kickapoo Joy Juice again! Either that, or the silly season has just begun and I missed it.......
  12. ghrit

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    Granny, you GOTTA believe ---
  13. chelloveck

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    If the American libertarian resistance movement is anything like the French will be a very interesting insurgency to observe.....

    'Allo 'Allo - Opening Theme Tune & Introduction - YouTube
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    My my my..Come on down Mr.G man...I keep my lil'stash in a Gator hole in the swamp...Your more than welcome to pass your hand in one or two..You may latch on too something..or..something may latch onto you..!!! hahahaha
    We down here all know your track record in the swamps'...
    and a mere Million acres for you to search....A _ _ holes....!!!!
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    I'm onto you now, the gig is up. :lol:
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    Funny, but not actually... over the years, there have been a few cars or trucks with government license plates left abandoned at the Butte la Rose landing... some of those agents never came back up river for the ride home.
  17. Gator 45/70

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    Sure it's funny to local's...I'm but a few mile's from da Butte...They know who made it back and who did'nt...Make's a believer out of the most ''G'' of the G-men...a million acre's is a big place to get ''lost'' in..Did i mention that it's all swamp with Bullhead shark's in the canal's ?
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    "Almost as closely, as We are Watching Them"..... ..... YMMV....
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  20. Seawolf1090

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    And a wise prepper knows where the enemy lives and works..........
    Just sayin'...... :D
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