They're watching you from above and below

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    Smart sewers and climate tracing.
    This isn't conspiracy theory. The companies have this technology and it looks like the government wants it.
    Climate tracing will find your unauthorized wood stove, your secret chickens, your unregistered cow or bull, illegal compost pile.
    Smart sewers, for city folk will "monitor for china virus outbreaks" aaaahhhh BULLSHIT! Sorry I'm allergic to bullshit. It can be used to monitor groups of people for what drugs they use, what bugs they have, what they eat, what they drink, if they eat meat, their state of health. It's "applications are endless". To that I say indeed.

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    Nothing new here.
    Female birth control hormones showed an increase in a major down stream Lake many years ago as the University increased in size.

    Fish population suffered.
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    I worked at a second chance school for court ordered boys 68 Acer's enclosed we got a phone call from the FBI they passed it on to me was asked what we do why we're there military vehicles why did we March why did we pt why we're we in the middle of nowhere they had been watching us I invited them out they never came
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    I live in the country and have a septic tank and field lines, so lots of luck there. As for the rest, they might be able to find my woodstove...kinda hard to hide on a cold day when it's in use, but the rest will be damn hard to find if I take a mind to hide them.
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    Exactly @Wildbilly. While here in the middle of rural Bama may not be perfect, we have plenty of cover and other options to make our things hard to find.
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    Plumbers who do drain cleaning will know what you ate for dinner...
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