thick, tapered steel lid for my 2 quart canteen cup

Discussion in 'Blades' started by firekey, Apr 16, 2014.

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    (not hinged, just sits atop the cup). Carbon steel, tapered, cutting edge honed on the convex side. CAn be an ukluk or haft it to be a hatchet, but serves another purpose as the lid, and will of course, strike sparks from any piece of flint, chert, etc. Actually, the rock strikes sparks from the steel, of course.
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    Curious. Very strange. Ukluk is defined by some as "hatred of mukluks" and is also found as an Inuit name for babies. How is that related to a farking pot lid?
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    @ghrit He is referring to the Inuit Traditional Knife used by those folks to cut up Whales, and Walrus, to make Muktuk, a traditional food stuff for that bunch. He just didn't get the name right.... I have a few of those, that were given to me, as Gifts, by Clan Chiefs, back in the Day, when I was traveling to Inuit Villages, in the Northwestern Alaska Region. They are very handy for what they were designed for, but NOT really useful for other purposes. There was an incident on a Wein Airways Jet from Bethel, AK to Anchorage, back then, where a drunk Inuit Fellow Hijacked the Plane, and insisted that the Plane fly to "Anchorage", using one of these Knifes as a weapon.... After that they were no longer allowed in Hand Carried Luggage, on IntraState flights..... .......
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    isn't that an ulu knife??
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    Yup, That is EXACTLY what it is and was...
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    I like mine for cutting up meat for stew, the shape and leverage work great and are easier on the arms, you can get your back into the work by being above the work and not having it at a disadvantage distance.

    It is easy to use on frozen meat too. A cross between a butcher knife and a cleaver.

    It sits in a holder on the sink counter.
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    That's a fair sized canteen cup.........
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