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    For those who don't watch YouTube videos or just want the list of things:
    1. Access to Internet: be careful that the permission being asked for is appropriate to the app
    2. Access to phone and call information: apps will be able to view your call history, send text messages and incur additional costs without you knowing.
    3. GPS & precise location: does the app really need your precise location or even access to your GPS?
    4. Access to photos/media/files: ensure you only give access to trustworthy apps, with this permissions they have the ability to access a lot of data on your phone.
    5. Camera & Microphone access: Apps can access them at anytime and take photos or record audio without you knowing. Make sure you provide access to apps you trust.
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    I have a question that is slightly off topic but has to do with phones. My son has a new Iphone and it is sucking data. I called Verizon and they said turn off the FB thing and don't stream the music sites but what else could it be? At the rate he is going I calculate 10 something of data. Help?!
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    First, does he use FaceBook? If so, that could be a big part of it. A recent version of the FB app, and I don't know if they've fixed it or not, pre-loads/pre-caches any videos that are in your feed for the first couple of seconds so you can get right to them. In some cases they actually start playing right away which is horrible on data. There is a setting to turn this off but I'm an Android guy and my wife and oldest won't let me touch their phones anymore (and I have no idea where anything is anymore so I wouldn't be much help anyway).

    Make sure that applications that are not being used are closed. If at some point they turn on Google Maps or MapQuest and don't manually close it, it keeps track of where you are and will be constantly using data to update the map.

    Also, if he uses it to check mail, change the interval that it checks. Gmail can't be modified but any POP3 or IMAP email accounts can be set to download on a schedule instead of checking in/reporting/being available for push email all the time.

    Don't use video or audio streaming off of WiFi or at least keep it to a minimum. Even the smallest iPhone can hold a ridiculous amount of music so put it on the device and don't chew up data for music and realistically, he doesn't need to watch YouTube on the bus (or wherever) that for the house/WiFi.

    Lastly, don't update ANYTHING over the air (Cellular Data). Always, ALWAYS do any updates/app installations over WiFi.

    You can get a general overview of what the data is being used for via the My Verizon app on the phone. It will break it down (generally) based on what type of traffic and domain names were being used. You have to sign into the app but it can be worth it.

    That information is also available on the web site once you log in. Click on My Account -> View Usage. Click on the phone in question, click Data and then under the little bar graph click the link (words, no picture) for utilization. It will break it down into web, video, music, social media, downloads, etc.

    Hope that helps.
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