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    I'm surprised at you Monkeys when I read designs & posts about faraday cages. If my po' boy understanding is correct a faraday cage is metal on all 6 sides of an object. Has anyone considered that they can do a lil better than a small box made of lumber & chickenwire?

    What about old 18-wheeler trailers ? Every day on my way to work I pass a place that has 8-10 old unused 18-wheeler trailers. An 18-wheeler trailer typically has a wooden floor but metal walls & ceiling. Since the trailer would be old & out of service anyways the floor would need replacing, so you could put metal screen wiring in under the wood. Have heard they can go for like $1,000. If one was in a rural setting it seems this would be ideal both as a faraday cage & for storage.

    Not to mention those places that rent big metal storage containers.
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    read the post. solid metal don't get the job done. there is some good information and effort put into researching and posting it here for you to gain insight into what you really need to do to get the job done.
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    Large masses of metals tend to concentrate and hold the EMP wavelenghtsd...not good! Wire screen over 2x4's is great, especially IF you use 2 layers! Chicken wire is too "open" and allows a variety of wavelengths to penetrate. Use ALUMINUM window screen, brass screen, or depending on your "budget", copper or silver screens!
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