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    Names have been hidden to protect the guilty.
    >>> Xxxxxxxx Xxxxx and Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxxx (Xxxx Xxxx) 7/1/2009 2:10 PM >>>
    We are sending this email to remind you to turn off the lights in your office and, where appropriate, your computer as well, before you leave for the Independence Day holiday. You can use the link below to access some helpful green tips. You may also respond to this email with any suggestions you have for creating a greener work environment. Thanks and enjoy the holiday.

    Please consider the environment before you print this email
    >>> Xxxx Xxxxxxx 7/1/2009 2:38 PM >>>
    Thank you for your wonderful suggestions about keeping our offices ecologically friendly. I would like to suggest the following ideas:

    1) Offices waste an enormous amount of paper. Re-using lightly-used toilet paper for memos and messages would save many trees.

    2) Computers use a tremendous amount of electricity when sending and receiving email. There are a large number of pigeons sitting idle on the windowsills and ledges of our offices. I suggest attaching messages to the legs of those pigeons instead of email. The sight of numerous pigeons with messages written on lightly-used toilet paper fluttering from their legs and flying around the city would surely inspire many with their beauty and grace.

    3) Electric lighting is very inefficient. Spreading luminous fungus, such as grows in caves, on the walls of our offices would provide lighting at no cost in electricity. The fungus could be sustained by re-using the lightly-used toilet paper memos.

    I am sure that these suggestions will be considered in the spirit in which they are made. Remember our environment-friendly motto: recycle, reuse, regurgitate.
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    I thought it was about being GREEN?
    Sounds a lot more like BROWN to me!
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