Think You Know About Slavery?

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Dont, Jul 19, 2021.

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    I was going to say "it never went away" but that was kind of the point of your post.
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    Hell slavery and human trafficking is alive and well all over America today.
  4. DKR

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    Best be careful here, Citizen. You might be accused of double ungood think by the Thought Police/Big Tech.

    Remember - Dear Leader's hooker is watching!
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    Ever since humans climbed out of the trees slavery has been around and is still today. I heard America counted for 17 % of the slave population but to hear these leftist it was only us involved. Slavery was all through the Caribbean and South America. The leftist hold up Cuba as being the utopia of an equal society devoid of racism---not true. My father married a Cuban woman(#3) and she was of Spanish descent from Spain and to hear her tell cubans of mixed blood were looked down on and there was just as much racism as any where else
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  6. DKR

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    Just the same in Mexico, Castilian Spanish isn't just about language...
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    It's the same in almost every country on the planet, with the possible exception of those in Sub-Saharan Africa. The ruling elites through out history are almost always "lighter" skinned peoples, there are exceptions due to merit, revolution, and elections (exp. large US cities). Even Obama was 1/2 White!
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    There are more slaves alive today than at any other time in human history. I'm not talking about loose definitions but actual can be bought and sold chattel slavery as well as those like the Uyghurs in China that are state owned slaves. It's so big and prevalent that over half of the world's chocolate, for example, is grown and harvested by slaves,

    It pisses me off that people keep a blind eye to the plight of today's slaves and buy products made with their labor and don't think twice about it. That goes double for those who demand reparations and other benefits for the descendants of US slaves many generations removed but are unwilling to devote thought, action, and resources to those who still live under the whip.
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    Yeah...sometimes I wonder if these idiots every read a history book...I suppose they have but don't like its version.

    I always get heated when I get into a debate about the causes of the Civil War. I point out, numerous reasons and facts, it wasn't about slavery and how there are letters from Lincoln specifically stating that if he could stop the war from happening by simply keeping slavery that he would do so. In fact, there was a Bill (believe it was going to be an Amendment) that 'passed' stating the South could keep slavery and no future Bills could change it; however, the situation was too far gone and it was never ratified as the South by that time had enough and seceded. I have the name of that Bill somewhere in my notes...yeah, it passed Congress but too late.

    Yes, slavery was wrong and ended as a byproduct of the war but the emancipation of the Southern slaves was simply a political weapon of the war to hurt the South. However, it seems everyone forgets that slavery was not created in America, it was simply brought with the settlers and never ended. It would have ended even without the war as most saw it as immoral and no longer cost effective and was on its way out. Nevertheless, if there are any reparations to be paid then shouldn't it go to the 350,000 dead Union soldiers?
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    I wish there were 3 million, instead of what we got!
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  11. Ura-Ki

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    We are all slaves to government, we just don't realize it! Every time you pay taxes, your a slave! You do not own your own property, even though you paid the paper value of it, you still have to pay a tax on it, and other taxes that go along with owning it! If you make any transactions, you pay a tax on it, dosnt matter if your the buyer or seller, it gets taxed on both ends, your a slave! Don't believe me, stop paying the taxes and watch what happens!!!!
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  12. UncleMorgan

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    Ah, the truth is a bitter pill that no one likes to swallow.

    And the bigger the truth, the less they like it.

    Slavery was here long before the Europeans arrived. The "Indians" were slavers, one and all. There wasn't a single tribe that didn't steal women and children for slaves, and most enslaved captured warriors as well--usually after crippling them by cutting a few tendons.

    The practice of slavery is universal in the human species.

    We can try to make it smell sweeter by calling it "indentured servitude," or "the Draft," or "the Will of the Gods."

    But most people don't bother. They just turn their eyes (and nose) away.

    Slavery is the ultimate embodiment of thefundamental principle that might makes right.

    The raw truth that no one wants to face is that our children are slaves. It doesn't matter that some (or even most) parents love their children. It is the survival strategy of our species to enslave them until they grow large enough to throw off their chains--and overthrow their parents.

    And the they become slavers in turn when they have children of their own.

    Notice that phrase? "...of their own."

    The practice is hard-wired into our brains.

    But it's no biggie--ants are the same way.
  13. aardbewoner

    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    We are not only slaves of our governments where ever on the world you where born, the OWN your body to. Slavery has many forms and "owners"
    Surprisingly the "owners" are never questioned or fined,forced to return there gain back to the victims. Always wondered why.
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  14. johnbb

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    No taxation without representation was the cry of our founding fathers -----when were your interests represented by these politicians. We are slaves and don't know it
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  15. Merkun

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    When? Easy answer, when "your" ability to absorb an education was compromised by "more interesting" things than knowledge got in the way of critical thinking. Enslaved by yourself, so to say.

    I get tired of seeing the term "slave" so poorly understood and misused.
  16. johnbb

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    We are slaves to the government we work and must pay taxes or else face prosecution and jail time in a sense they own us.
    A slave is someone who is the property of another person and has to work for that person. ... .
    We work a certain number of months for the government before we actually work of ourselves.
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  17. SB21

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    Probably around 8 years or so back ,, I was helping out with security, setup, and just basically helping out on a Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall ,, it was setup in a midsized little college town. So we got a few college kids that would come through and check it out. A few that had relatives in the war , or a few that actually never heard of the memorial,, and was just looking to see what it was. I got to talking to this one girl that was going to school there ,, and she had a little knowledge of the Wall , and war. I asked her what she was going to college for ,, and she said history,, she wanted to be a history teacher. We got to talking, and I asked her what was the cause of the Civil War ,, and astonishingly ,, it was not because of slavery. I was actually stunned , shocked to hear that she was not being fed a bunch of crap about our history. I told her that she was giving me some hope for our future,, and to make sure the kids she teaches in her life know the true causes of the Civil War . I pray she is standing firm .
  18. chelloveck

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    Yes, I have seen the 'We are Uncle Sam's slaves' sidebar from time to time, when the matter of chattel slavery arises; of the claim that 'we work x period of time for Uncle Sam, before we work for ourselves', but it is fallacious humbuggery.

    We work a certain proportion for our time each week / fortnight / month...and the earnings are split proportionally between the employee as take home pay, and the government, as our taxable portion of our gross income at the end of each pay period. You are making a false analogy...out of ignorance, or willful dishonesty, I cannot tell.

    I suspect that the US income tax payment system is pretty much like the Australian taxation system....each pay period (daily / weekly/ fortnightly, or monthly), the employer pays their employees their (daily / weekly / fortnightly / monthly) wage / salary portion, minus any deductions for income tax which are remitted on a "pay as you go" basis to the government. Employers don't withhold their employers earnings from their employees totally until after Uncle Sam has finished sucking at the wage / salary earner's teat for the financial year.

    The government in a sense doesn't own us as chattels to be sold by auction or private treaty to another owner for profit, and at their own discretion; nor can we be inherited by the government as chattels, at least not yet...Yes the 'wage slavery' trope has a long history among chattel slavery apologists...and it still seems we have some enthusiastic proponents for it being used still, to muddy the chattel slave conversation.

    What you are describing as government slavery is actually closer to being a member of a religious cult that demands a tithing percentage of their parishoner's gross income, with the threat that 'bad things will happen' if the tithe is not paid as is expected in accordance with ancient scriptures.

    The Evils of Guilt-Trip Tithing — Rationally Christian
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  19. davidrn

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    Several things: Slavery has never been related to race(or color).
    Of the total number of slaves that were sold (by other Africans) from West Africa, only 5% were sent to the USA.
    Aprox 3% of whites in the AnteBellum South lived on a plantation with slaves, Free Blacks owned slaves at a rate of 38%, you may suggest this is because there was very few free blacks. In Georgia there were 3,500 free blacks who owned slaves (this article makes mention of the Free Black woman also).
    Read about a very interesting woodworker, Thomas Day, he was a Free Black, had quite a social status, and owned a dozen black slaves and also had white indentured servants for his woodshop.
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  20. Gator 45/70

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    Since some in DC have declared the constitution and the bill of rights to be living documents.
    How's about we do away with the 13th and 19th amendments?
    I would think a slave would be more high maintaince than a wife?
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