Thinking of caching any fire arms?

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Witch Doctor 01, Sep 29, 2011.

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    Ummm, I have heard anecdotal reports of some folks who have theoretically been using these to bury firearms inside capped PVC pipe containers. The vacuum style bags.

    Course, I am totally unaware of anyone in real life using anything like this, or even burying firearms in general using any method of preservation.

    Anyway, I have theoretically heard that theoretically the vacuum model bags theoretically work very theoretically well.

    . . theoretically.[peep]
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    Just remember if it's time to think about burying them, it's also time to use them!!!
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    I'm with MountainMan. Unless you are talking about the extras that you can't carry in the BOV to the BOL and you are caching them outta site at the BOL ;)

    Or those spare ones you are planning on passing down to the relations a few decades from now as an inheritance. Give 'em a map and tell them there is a treasure in them there hills, brick walls and under the privy.

    Or those ones that are way to heavy to move to teh BOL with this many people running around. Wait until the dieback and then dig up.

    Other than that , No sense in burying them right now as you may need to get to them sooner (than later)

    Naughty Monkey.
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    if you need to cache any, you've got too many in the first place. sell them and use the money to get training and reloading components, become a TOp hand with the ones you can CARRY. That is ONE longarm and 1-2 pistols, period. A gun you aint GOT can't help you at the time. Lack of high speed skill can easily mean your death, regardless of what you carry, much less what you have buried.
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    get your self a 6" PVC pipe... long enough to fit your toys in... then you buy a cap for one end and clean out plug for the other... but your not done yet... to any store that sells Jap motorcycles... they pack their bikes for shipment in that silica stuff you get to keep your pills dry... only they will have buckets of the stuff and if you make nice would be glad to let you have 40 or 50 pounds... if not just dumpster dive...
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    now you are LYING. I've never claimed to be any sort of attorney.
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    Go peddle your "expertise" elsewhere, felon.
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