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    I'm thinking outloud here because of not really haveing anyone to talk to about this outside the office ..So i'm posting here becaue i thinking out loud and need to just to get thing's off my chest right now

    Plus there has been some rumbleing ever since Xmas time over the way we do our business here in the office and they can not have comeplete oversite on the office and payroll output of this dept for them ..

    Plus a few of the socalled owner group has never liked the fact that when they had send somethere to help out ..They where beening sent back home because of them not getting the basic fact we work odd hour's because of the shipping time tables with the company there in La with the shipping companys have diff sailing time tables in and out of the port for ships bound for Hawaii...

    Plus alot of are just outright spys for the owner's who want us gone and replaced with there own people .

    Plus alot of them lived what i called the island time problem ..When we tell them to be at the office and ready to go at this hour they would show up a 90 mins to a three hour's later after the work was done or we still loading the container for shippment and need help when it was beening loaded ..

    They just stand there and go it not part of my job to help load the container ..I'm the person in charge of the whole thing and if i working the line to help load the container then you better have you butt on the line as i told one person who happened to be the one of the owner son who sent there to help ..

    Most of the group is happy with how we do our business and we keep the cost down in alot of areas of the shipping of supplies to the island ..The one guy who is the head of the whole group main sticking point is that when hot like it is now i take money out of pretty cash and buy water and ice and Gartorade powder and make up cooler full of the gatorade fpr them to drink dureing the loading of the container

    Plus most of the good comes in unpalletized and we palletized it and make it ready to loaded into the container ..

    Most of the guys we hired there know they get there 40.hour's a week but in odd hours with some days it 8 hours of work from 10pm at night to in the morning or it could be in the morning to in the afternoon ..they know that they do not get paid for the socalled non working hours or overtime because it night or a weekend type work ..That was the main thing that was explained to them when they where hired to load the containers ..

    We will call you for work at this time and i do give them at least 12 hour's notice that we are going to be working ..Some days it normal to work of getting the stuff loaded onto pallet's and ready for packing into the container when it comes to the dock for shipping ..

    Plus the one owner who the leader of them who wants to get rid of us want's the list of my people who i deal with inside the company and i told no and the reason was over it the list is made up of personal friends who i have done business with for buying of my own supplies for the cabin .

    He been trying to talk to the people who i did business with and they go ok i can get it for you but not at that price here is the price i can get the product for and that mad as heck over that . ..

    They are finding out that they have cut there own throat in that area because of the saveing i was getting from the wholesale's that i knew on alot of the product's that they wanted ..

    So right now it a wait and see if we are gone by the end of aug plus of the people in the group are going if they let you go will do it part time for me as a flavor to me and i help you out to .
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    todays generation doesnt know how to work
    they expect to get paid for watching
    i ran into a lot of that when i drove truck
    and when i ran the fish farm
    it sickens me terribly
    and i think that attitude is govt sponsored, school taught
    and happily endorsed by politicians
    what better way to enslave us than when we dont know how to do for ourselves
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    Start making a raft.....

    I get the feeling that you'll be asked to walk the plank when you may least expect it.

    It seems that you are feeling a little anxious about the uncertainty of your employer's future treatment of you. They obviously don't value for your talents, other than to exploit your network of soon as they have that for themselves, they may feel that you are superfluous to the organisations needs. Id be looking....before that axe falls, rather than later.

    Good luck.
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    Most of the owner group who is very happy with my work and one called me tonight and explained to me what is going and he and a few other are tired of the one person beening a total d---head about everything when it came to dealing with the LA office.

    They basically told the person if we are spending money left & right then how come we saved them about $350,000.oo dollar total shipping & labor & operating cost since we started doing it the way we are doing it ..

    They also told the person i was right to tell his son to get the work and if not go back to the hotel and stay there intill you get a flight home ..

    Most of the people who in the socalled circle of 10 who own the diff resorts there who make up the owner group that i deal with ther are basic working class people who own there own small resort's there in the Hawaiian island and they get to a point in there dealing with the one person that it was a bad idea to bring the person into the circle ..

    The whole thing with this one person is he a tight ward control freak who thinks that everyone is stealing from him ..He is the only who make you list to the penny how much something is bought for and how much to the penny how much it shipped to the island for ..He has even gone so far as to break the load down into his item and the rest of the load he will not pay a penny more ..If his part of the load is only 400 pds and the container he will send you the amount that he think's that he want to pay not as in the who thing of splitting the cost up of the shipping as it need ..

    Half the time i have to go into the operating fund to cover the rest of the load cost on his side because of him not spending enough money to cover his part and that where he think's we are stealing from him ..Two companys have been over the books twice and told him the reason why this happening is because of his thinking that he should be paying this amount but the real problem is not giveing enough to cover the cost ..

    He tells them there wrong and fires them tells them that they could not find a person who is stealing from him if they steped on them ..

    He tried to tell me one day in the Matson shipping office there in Hawaii in front of the local rep that he could ship it alot cheaper than i was getting from them ..The Matson rep looked at him like BS and tell's the guy l right and who is the company cause the price you getting is the lowest i can go and still get there and when he walked out of the office the rep goes man have got your work cut out with that guy..

    So the guy is thinking that everyone is stealing from him no matter what the cost cause he can get it cheaper somewhere ..The big three shipping companys that ship into Hawaii i talked to there have him down as a problem payment person and really do not like to deal with him over nickel's and diming them over everything ..From the ship late to a late drop off he on the phone telling that he ownes them a refund because there bad delivery service

    I was told in a phone tonight to stop all operations and tues morning to be on the island with the all the books and everything that is do with the shipping for a meeting ..the one guy told me not to worry about it comeing to a head and they are going to have it out with the guy once and for all ..

    So next monday night i fly out and will be there for a day and then fly back on wed to state's
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    Better pack your parachute

    I guess it depends on how important he is to the rest of the goup compared to you....they may hate his guts but at the end of the day, they may make a commercial favour him over you. It could of course go the other way...but don't stake your life on it.

    Again.....good luck.
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    Don't quit... make them buy out your contract or pay unemployment... and don't forget to take a tax break on your move to your new location for a job....
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