Third-Party Lab Study Finds Oxygen Levels in Wise Co Foods 110 Times Higher than in Mountain House

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    The only reason I said Wal-Mart is the last time I was in the one that I go to, there were some MH there. They could've been old...I didn't look at them closely. I'll just go to REI...although I'll have to get some Wise stuff from Amazon.
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    Thanks for the kind words, Brokor.

    It turns out that most of the Wal-Mart stores on the west coast currently carry Mountain House. If your local store isn't one of them, the Sporting Goods Manager at your local Wal-Mart (anywhere nationwide) should be able to special order a wide variety of Mountain House food through their online catalog.
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    How about getting some walmarts in PA to carry MH.
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    I need to do some more examining but I have been finding that the Mylar pouches with a 25 year shelf life generally don't have meat in them. Add the meat and shelf life goes down to like 7 years. Maybe there are some 25 year pouches with real meat and texturized soy protein or similar yummy ingredient that I haven't come across yet. I not overly thrilled eating lots of the same meal from a number 10 can till it's gone. Thinking that a good compromise might be the vegetarian pouches and number 10 cans of meat and open one can to mix with different pouches to mix up the palette. Thoughts?

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