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    Why are theHardin "Towny's" giving up their sheriff??? Company town where the company takes over law enforcement sounds like an excuse for any number of bad movie plots.
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    I have a gut feeling that this is a startup type of a security guard agency. I saw something like this happen about ten years ago while I lived in Florida. The so called professional agency lost their PI license within six months after they started up and then lost their license to train licensed unarmed and armed security guards which was their money maker.

    They declared bankruptcy a short while later and left town owing a lot of people alot of money. As the newslink above stated, they have found a lot of inconsistencies in their web site. Which leads me to belive that this "American Police Force(FARCE)" is a small startup type company that is trying to become like a "Blackwater", but with the false statements that they have made in their web site tells me they won't last long.
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    We crossed that boundary a long time ago when we allowed privately run prisons to house our prisoners. I did a research paper on the private run prisons that was quite eye opening. While most of us conservatives have the opinion of f'em they broke the law, they still deserve humane treatment. Having 3000 prisoners go without water for 48 hours, then providing only a trash can lined filled with water for every 300 prisoners for two more days is inhumane. These prisoners were expected to dip their hands and cups into the water for a drink in March in Texas with high heat. Ever see the numbers of hepatitis victims in prison? Not even any water for sewer and welfare (restrooms) either. This was just the tip of the iceberg. I had prisoner interviews and even interviews with guards that talked about guards being worse than the prisoners.
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