This can not be good.

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    Portugal needing a bailout

    Greece workers revolting Austerity Measures (medicine we tell them is good for them but won't take it ourselves)

    10's of thousands protesting spending cuts in the UK to tame run away deficit (our got loose years ago but we are spending like there is no tomorrow : I hope the sun comes up in the morning, I've got a lot to do)

    US government can't get a final budget in. Spending stop gaps to prevent the govt from shutting down. Damn, I'd like less government. Anyway, let's just raise the debt limit to something even like 20 trillion and call it a day. Sure the Chinese will keep buying our debt. It's a great way to control our public policy. Kind of hard to say no to the boss when he is signing your paychecks.

    PM's are on a tear
    Oil over 113 highest since sept. 2008
    corn and soybeans
    all up over 20 percent since last year. How much did my wages go up? oh a 2 percent raise plus a 2 percent SS holidya but a 10 percent cut in hours. Erm, yep, inflation has got it's foot in the door, plus about half it's body.

    the QEII that Bernanke put in place ends in June and then interest rates will most likely go up, probably stifling Job creation and expansion of the economy.

    The dollar is already down against a large number of currencies so while it makes our exports cheaper , yeah right, what do we export again, oh yes our jobs to even cheaper labor markets.

    Of all people the French are taking the lead on this Libya thing.
    The German Chancellor has been booted from power.
    The Italians are recognizing the non-elected rebel force in Libya as the country's legitimate government (hope that works for you).
    And the European Central Bank has just raised interest rates by 25 percent (this spin sound better than 25 basis points from 1.0 to 1.25 percent anyway, much more dire)

    I don't think that Revelations nor Nostradamus envisioned it quite like this.

    Kind of sounds like a plane crash about to happen where the pilot comes over the speaker and tells you to put your head between you legs and kiss you ass good bye, because you know that what is coming can't be good!

    Rum time![booze]
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    The only way out of this one IS the crash.
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