this could go in both politics and religion I suppose she joined a coven

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    @chelloveck @OldDude49
    EZ does it gents. CoC item 1 isn't too far from where you stand.
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    LOL, you have to be completely blind to think that Hillary isn't a witch. Whether or not the article is true doesn't really have much to do with reality. I mean seriously, I saw her last night flying around my house on her broom stick. Who are you going to believe, me or your own eyes?
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    Yes...I appreciate that post #22 is something of a sardonic tongue poke, but it is worth replying to.

    It depends on how one defines 'witch'.....and yes, the referenced articles have very little to do with's just typical culture wars bilge devoid of any value, except to the partisans who are urging that others swallow it whole uncritically.

    Yes...and I have seen Santa flying through the sky pulled by reindeer....neither of us need accept either belief as being true (broom flying witches or reindeer propelled flying Santas) based on a simple assertion from the claimants without any reasonable evidence tendered by the claimants. Skepticism in both cases would be the appropriate default stance, which may perhaps, change depending on the probative value of the evidence being presented supporting the truth claim. As they say, 'extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence'.

    My vision is adequate for most purposes, though I do wear low magnification spectacles for close up reading....distance vision is good, but the witness claiming that Hillary was flying around their bedroom may possibly be suffering from a delusional pathology...or a pathological hatred of Hillary and is prepared to make up nonsense from whole cloth. The accusers of the witches at Salem consigned innocent women and men to burning at the stake with no more reliable evidence than has been offered in respect of The Wing being a witches' coven, or that Hillary is a practitioner of ritual witchcraft, i.e. 'eyewitness' testimony. :rolleyes:
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  4. Re:#23. Uh, Chell. I don't think any of the "witches" at Salem, Mass. were burned. I think they were all hung.
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    "artists use lies to tell the truth, while politicians use them to cover the truth up."
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