This country was once independently capable of great things!

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    This country was once independently capable of great things!

    I found the following on the web, it really puts my Dad's and Grand Dad's generation into perspective.

    "During the 3-1/2 years of World War 2 that started with the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in December 1941 and ended with the
    Surrender of Germany and Japan in 1945, the U.S. produced; 22 aircraft carriers, 8 battleships, 48 cruisers, 349 destroyers, 420 destroyer
    escorts, 203 submarines, 34 million tons of merchant ships, 100,000 fighter aircraft, 98,000 bombers, 24,000 transport aircraft, 58,000
    training aircraft, 93,000 tanks, 257,000 artillery pieces, 105,000 mortars, 3,000,000 machine guns, and 2,500,000 military trucks.

    We put 16.1 million men in uniform in the various armed services, invaded Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy, won the battle for the Atlantic,
    planned and executed D-Day, marched across the Pacific and Europe, developed the atomic bomb and ultimately conquered Japan and Germany.

    It's worth noting, that during the almost exact amount of time, the Obama administration couldn't build a functioning web site."
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    That provides an interesting perspective of our current .gov abilities. Might I propose that all big person toys be removed from within .gov's reach??
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    that was the FDR days - pre & post ..... he didn't have a Bush to blame everything on ....

    God help us and the entire free world if we ever have to rely on a decision from the current stupid SOB ....
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    And the rein of FDR so concerned the country they put term limits on the presidency.. Thank goodness in light of todays political realities..
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    This country could once again be capable of great things... if the people would wake up, snap the chains of government control, and re-inforce constitutional boundaries to our representatives... that work for the "people"!!
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    Will only happen until the focus is drawin away from the large urban areas. My opinion..
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