This has been a really bad month.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by VisuTrac, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. VisuTrac

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    As far as Black History month go. Very sad.

    We've lost
    Whitney Houston
    Don Cornelius

    I think the only thing that could allow us to save black history month is for Zero to resign. We would basically forget about Whitney and Don.

    President Obamanation, Please resign so we can rejoice and look back fondly at this month of tragedy.
  2. BTPost

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    and leave us with "Joe BiteMe"... Oh the Horror, of that thought....
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  3. oldawg

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    OK BT you do know how to bring us back to earth. Drat it.
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  4. Seawolf1090

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    I'd take Joe Biteme over the Illegal Puppet any day - he's stupider and wouldn't succeed in passing so much commie/socialist crap. [stirpot]
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  5. Redneck Rebel

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    Figured this prayer could do with an update

    Dear Lord, already this year you have taken away my favorite coach, Joe Paterno, my favorite musician, Whitney Houston, and even the feller that played the bestest zombie ever in Night of the Living Dead. I just wanted to let you know..... my favorite president is Barack Obama. Amen.
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