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    One of the worst problems with rampant Liberalism. The acceptance and insistence on tolerating these varied 'factions' (be they racial, ethnic, political, etc.) and letting them deviate from a moral code for the nation. They use our belief in free speech and freedom to go to great excesses, and in the end trample these things for all.
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    That is one of the facilitating factors which is pointed out in any study of the rise to power of Hitler and the German Nazi party.

    The German Weimar Republic (1919-1933) was so liberal that it attempted to give voice in the Reichstag to every group and faction. Two factions - the Communist and the Nazi parties - used their seats, and votes, to basically abolish the rule of the Reichstag and throw the country into further chaos. As soon as the Nazi party began to ascend to greater control, through back-room deals and attempts at accommodation, the first order of business for them was to destroy their temporary allies - the Communists. Then came the turn of the Socialists, although the National Socialist Workers Party (NSDAP) or the Nazi (from National-Socialist) party paid lip service to being a socialist themselves. The rest is history.

    Freedom of speech is, in general, a good thing; but freedom of action is a less clear cut proposition. Putting power in the hands of nutcases, just to be fair to everyone, is a bad idea.
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