This is going to upset some people very much...

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    but not sure it belongs elsewhere as it does not actually say there is a specific religion...

    videos on site...

    Famed Scientist says He’s Discovered “Proof” of God’s Existence!

    World famous theoretical physicist Dr. Michio Kaku has become a beloved figure in the pop-science/science fiction world thanks to his engaging personality and obvious passion for his profession. He has brought the hard-to-understand world of theoretical physics to the masses through documentaries, short videos, and other popular media venues.

    In an interview from a few years ago Kaku explains why he now believes that God MUST exist. No, it’s not the version of God that is taught in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but Kaku does seem to argue that there MUST be a Creator to all that we see.

    The folks at the Geophilosophical Association of Anthropological and Cultural Studies explain, “One of the most respected scientists of today says he has found evidence of the action of a force ‘that governs everything.’”

    “I have concluded that we are in a world made by rules created by an intelligence”, he affirmed. “Believe me, everything that we call chance today won’t make sense anymore.”

    “To me it is clear that we exists in a plan which is governed by rules that were created, shaped by a universal intelligence and not by chance.”

    In a recent video for the Big Think Kaku argued further that God must be a mathematician.

    Famed Scientist says He’s Discovered “Proof” of God’s Existence! - Eagle Rising
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    That will piss off all the atheists who are always going off about how monotheistic religion is an insult to their religion.
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    Cool. A cross between Carl Sagan and Ken Ham. :D
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    He's just tired of trying to explain God's miracle scientifically.
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    So, um...I guess this means that God is clearly NOT a democrat? [slow]
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    Wait, Wait where is out Resident Athiest.... @chelloveck......
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    This is not complete without Chello on it.
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    ^He's in a foxhole. :D
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    No it won't piss them off at all. They refuse to accept any evidence that is contrary to their narrative. Many scientists have been supporting the intelligent design theory. But unfortunately many, especially in earlier years have had their careers and lives destroyed for daring to come out in favor of such scientific heresy.

    Make no mistake, atheism and Darwinism are a religion, it is a cult and requires every bit as much "faith" as any religion. And it's adherents can be just as zealous and radical as any who destroy that which they are opposed to in the name of religion.
    The accepted doctrine of atheism is natural selection and evolution. And anyone who dares to blaspheme that doctrine are brought before the inquisition and forced to either recant or have their lives destroyed. Many reputable scientists have had their research scoffed at, ridiculed or ignored, without any rebuttal, simply because it didn't conform to the accepted dogma of the church of academia.

    The very "scientific proof" that they champion is only acceptable if it conforms to their preconceived theorem.
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  10. ditch witch

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    Yeah, right up there with my cult-like faith that unicorns don't exist. Or Thor. Or Odin.
    Wait, now Odin did promise to rid us of ice giants and I'm not seeing those anywhere, so I'll reserve judgement on him.
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    Red pill, blue pill? Red pill, blue pill?

    I couldn't make up my mind so I took them both.
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    I'm in agreement with Dr. Kaku, and in fact science, particularly physics, answered my questions. I have read that many physicists have come to the same conclusions having started as atheists. Not all, but some.

    I have never seen the supposed disconnect between science and religion; one explains how and the other explains why. The Big Bang, fundamental forces, evolution, etc. - none of those are contrary to the truth of spirituality. Instead, they are breadcrumbs leading you there.
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  13. Minuteman

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    [ri-lij-uh n]
    a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith
    a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects:
    something one believes in and follows devotedly

    Atheism, Darwinism both fit the definition of a religion.
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    An interesting article....but nothing to be excited about, or offended by: on the part of atheists, theists, polytheists, monotheists, deists, pantheists, animists or agnostics....

    There is quite a bit to unpack, both within the article....and in the responses to it by other monkey members....the uncomplicated and less time consuming bits I'll address in this post....the rest will probably come in installments.

    I know how you feel, OldDude.....the resident chaplain tends to get somewhat tetchy and censorious when I post content that doesn't comport with some minimum standard (known only unto him) of respectfulness in the F&R Forum. Apparently the F&R Forum is pretty much a chapel and choir space for theist believers. :( I find it somewhat safer to post such content in the Inferno, where faith and religious sensitivities are afforded somewhat less protection by an ecclesiastical guardian. ;)

    There is some merit to the comparison....though it accords far too much credit to Ham than Ham deserves, and far less respect to Sagan, than Sagan deserves.

    Both Sagan and Kaku have spent much effort in popularising science and their particular interests in Astronomy (Sagan) and Physics (Kaku) to the masses, through publishing and presenting in film, television, and digital media....Ken Ham on the other hand is not much more than a Barnum and Bailey for Christian evangelism and his particular interest (Jesus).

    If you are referring to "God's Miracle",as being attributable to the God of Judeo/Christian theology/mythology, I doubt that Kaku has expended any effort at all....scientifically or otherwise. Nor is any of Kaku's statements any comfort to ID proponents, as he is not giving support to the pseudoscientific claims of ID Intelligent design - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia proponents such as Michael Behe Michael Behe - RationalWiki, William Dembski William Dembski - RationalWiki, or David Berlinsky David Berlinski - RationalWiki et al. Kaku is not claiming that the deity pulling the levers of "creation" behind the curtain of Intelligent Design "theory" is the God of the Tanakh or the Christian Testaments.

    nor a Republican either.....any more than Odin is a Libertarian. ;)

    The site has a number of atheists, both out, and closeted....I just happen to be one of the more vocal and less apologetic ones. ;) My viewpoints as an atheist, are my own: they are not necessarily representative of atheists and atheism more broadly.

    Thank you for welcoming me to the party Gator....I hope what I have to say justifies the encouragement. :)

    Yes....with a band of theists, and agnostics and pastafarians.
    upload_2016-6-12_16-53-22. ran merkazy - Google+
    Via: Yes, There Are Humanists in Foxholes
    There are no atheists in foxholes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    The only claim I see actually made is along the lines of intelligent design...

    so to him there is a God...

    he does NOT say it is a Christian God or any other type of God...

    just that in his opinion due to what he has learned over the years...

    in his opinion there is, or more like there has to be, one...

    that is what I got out of the article...

    as for me there is one and that God is the Hebrew God..

    the one that dealt with Moses n Joshua, n David...

    from my view point that is the truth... and I have very good reason to believe...

    I made a specific request to that specific God and was answered in a manner that was proof enough for me...
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    Different people over the ages have had different criteria, and standards of evidence in coming to conclusions about ultimate questions of existence and "the meaning in life". Yours have taken you in one particular direction....others have come to quite different, and opposite conclusions about such ultimate questions. As a former theist, the standard of evidence I held to be adequate at that time of my life when I was a theist (some decades ago), did not subsequently hold up to, and survive critical scrutiny and skeptical enquiry.
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    OH MY GOD! He's gone PLAID!!ohno
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    No......he went these dudes.....[​IMG]
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    Naw, red pills and blue pills do not mix, that's the point of red OR blue.
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