THIS is how you play golf!

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    My parents had a similar sinkhole form on their road several years back. Ended up about twenty feet deep and about fifteen feet diameter - not quite from one side of the street to the other. I'd have been happy to have left it there - it cut down on the bozos blasting down the street past their house doing 60MPH in a 35MPH zone!
    I was over there one night before it was filled in. Had just gotten dark. There were signs posted well up the street on both ends - "DANGER! Road Out!" or something similar. We suddenly heard the oncoming roar of a car, screaming down the street ....... then the loud screach of brakes.......

    I listened for the crash, but Bozo got lucky and stopped in time. [rofllmao]

    This happens all too frequently here in the Deep South - the ground beneath us is a limerock layer over the water aquifer. The limerock gets 'rotten' in places, and collapses.
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