This is insane-Local Middle School has 2 teens arrested!

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  1. ColtCarbine

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    I guess football coaches and what not will no longer be able to pat the kids on the butt.

    McMinnville Boys Face Sex Abuse Charges

    POSTED: 6:25 am PST February 26, 2007
    UPDATED: 9:33 am PST February 27, 2007

    Two McMinnville middle school boys are in Yamhill County Juvenile Detention facing sex abuse charges after school officials said they inappropriately touched classmates.

    The 12- and 13-year-old boys’ parents said students were part of a group of boys and girls at Patton Middle School who would spank each other’s backsides as part of a handshake or dance.

    “We have this handshake we do and some of the people at Patton took it too seriously and they thought that it was meant in a sexual way. It’s not. We’re all friends,” said Grace, a student at the school.

    Parents said the kids view the spanking behavior as a game, but the school considered the activity inappropriate dancing.

    The McMinnville School District released a statement Monday that said school administrators and police “uncovered more serious activity” than spanking.

    The parents said the school never contacted them about the incident. The two boys were arrested last Thursday on five counts of first-degree sex abuse.

    “They wanted to make an example of these kids. They wanted to scare everybody. So, they thought taking them to juvey would scare these boys. It sure scared them, but they didn’t realize what charges these boys were going to be charged with,” said Tracie, a parent whose child attends the school.

    McMinnville School Superintendent Maryalice Russell said the arrests were made because of alleged sex abuse and not because of the spanking.

    During an arraignment in Yamhill County Juvenile Court, the parents said they learned the charges carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.


    Video of story
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    I think I am starting to understand the big picture; Let's make it criminal for normal sexual experimentation that leads to normal sexual behavior and make the kids accept "alternate" life-styles and homosexuality. That will definately solve the population problem, aspecially when they start dying from aids. This will inturn, solve the problem of social security going broke.
  3. Clyde

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    Based on my 7/8th grade antics and the number of bra staps I broke, breasts I "accidentally" squeezed, etc, I would be tried as an adult, convicted of sexual offenses and carted off to jail as a first degree sexual offender who was high on newly created testesterone!

    [touchdown]The good new for me...the statue of limitations has ended.
  4. kckndrgn

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    PC and Zero Tolerance gone too far. These kids are being kids. Not one kid complained of being "sexually harassed" or "sexually assaulted" yet these kids are in jail and going to trial based on what some ADULT THINKS is happening.

    Homeschooling all the way for me!!!
  5. dukenukum

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    and people wonder why home schooling and private schools are so popular .
    guess the prosecutor needs to look like he's tuff on crime or some such .
    can't even start on rights violations
  6. BigO01

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    Gee I guess if you gave a girl a "Titty Twister" they would take you out and hang you from the school flag pole these days .
  7. ColtCarbine

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    From the District's Website

    From the District's Website:

    Middle School Investigation Leads to Arrests

    On February 22, the McMinnville Police Department arrested and charged two male Patton Middle School students with alleged sex abuse in the first degree.

    These allegations came following a thorough, focused investigation by school and police officials. In February, a school staff member observed students slapping other students’ bottoms. This behavior, though not criminal, is not encouraged in schools. The staff member ordered the students to stop, but they did not. The staff member then reported the activity to school administrators who began making inquiries to determine what students needed reminders about not slapping other students, even in play. Unexpectedly, during the course of this investigation, school administrators and a police officer who assisted in the investigation uncovered much more serious activity—unrelated to students slapping other students’ bottoms. This more serious activity rose to the level of police action and led to two arrests for alleged sex abuse.

    “We truly appreciate it when our students, parents and community seek to learn the facts,” said Superintendent Maryalice Russell. “Premature media reports that students were arrested for spanking other students were inaccurate. Arrests were made for alleged sex abuse in the first degree.”

    “The district’s top priority is the safety and well-being of its students,” Russell said. “As educators, we have a duty to maintain a safe, orderly environment so students can learn. We have rules describing expectations for student behavior and consequences for breaking these rules. Students are aware of the rules and consequences. We commend the students who came forward with the facts in this situation.”
  8. ghrit

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    Re: From the District's Website

    And the facts are? Too much missing info for an assessment, says me. Just like the Brady ravings of "facts" unsupported in reality.

    Just a bit more making of headlines from unsubstantiated rubbish and rumor. Gawd, I love the press.[beat]
  9. andrew414

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    Re: From the District's Website

    The new adult status quo is to sexualize children?
  10. ColtCarbine

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    Re: From the District's Website

    That's why I posted what I found. Only time will tell if the school spun the allegations or not. The local news that reported this is usually on spot though. Maybe I jumped the gun, maybe not.
  11. Blackjack

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    "I've seen the future. You know what it is? It's a 47-year-old virgin, sitting around in his beige pajamas, drinking a banana-broccoli shake, singing, "I'm an Oscar Meyer wiener."
    - Demolition Man
  12. ColtCarbine

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    Patton boys face sex abuse charges

    Published: February 27, 2007

    Of the News-Register

    Two boys from McMinnville's Patton Middle School have been lodged in juvenile detention on sex abuse charges, alleging they engaged in intimate physical contact with female students under the age of 14.

    Yamhill County Juvenile Director Tim Loewen identified them as 12-year-old Ryan Todd Cornelison and 13-year-old Cory Mason Mashburn. Police said the investigation was continuing, suggesting additional boys could be charged.

    Capt. Rob Edgell said McMinnville police originally charged each of the two boys with one count of first-degree sex abuse, a Class B felony. They were each charged with five counts of first-degree sex abuse, a Class B felony, and five counts of third-degree sex abuse, a Class A misdemeanor, at their initial detention hearing Friday before Yamhill County Circuit Judge Carol Jones.

    For adults, first-degree sex abuse is a Measure 11 crime, punishable by a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 75 months - more than six years. The boys are not subject to Measure 11 because they are under the age of 15.

    Names of juvenile defendants are a matter of public record under Oregon law. However, by policy, the News-Register only names juveniles charged with Class A or B felonies, the most serious under Oregon law.

    The boys were lodged in the Juvenile Detention Facility in McMinnville on Thursday afternoon, and remained lodged Tuesday awaiting their next court appearance, not yet scheduled. The families have been allowed to talk to the boys on the phone through a glass partition, but have not been allowed any direct contact to date.

    Cornelison's family has retained Rachel Negra and Mashburn's family has retained Mark Lawrence, both McMinnville criminal defense attorneys. By law, they are entitled to another hearing by March 9.


    Under ORS 163.415 and 163.427, subjecting someone to sexual contact constitutes first-degree sex abuse with a person under 14 and third-degree sex abuse with a person under 18, minors being unable to meet the legal test of consent. It was not clear from the charging information whether the first- and third-degree counts stemmed from the same set of incidents or not.

    Edgell declined to detail the conduct alleged to support the charges, but said, "If you're under 14, you can't give consent for someone to touch your intimate parts."

    School district spokesperson Tanya Gross said a Patton teacher observed students "slapping each other's bottoms" last Thursday and ordered them to stop. When they continued anyway, she said, the teacher reported the activity to Principal Jim Torgerson and Vice Principal Steve Tillery, who began investigating.

    The activity involved boys slapping girls. Based on what they learned from interviewing students of both genders, they concluded activity of a "more serious nature" had taken place, Gross said, and notified police.

    "Premature media reports that students were arrested for spanking other students were not accurate," Superintendent Maryalice Russell said. "Arrests were made for alleged sex abuse."

    "We have rules describing expectations for student behavior, along with consequences for breaking these rules," Russell said. "Students are aware of the consequences."

    Russell commended the students who reported the activity upon being questioned, saying the district's top priority is the safety of its students.

    However, the parents of the two boys accused officials of overreacting and not respecting parental rights. They said they were aware of nothing more serious than a clothed dance move in which bottoms are swatted, and said students had been engaging in it at school, with the staff's knowledge, for months.

    Cornelison's father, Joe, said his son was detained and questioned for three hours Thursday. He said he received a call on his cell phone about 3:30 p.m. from Vice Principal Tillery informing him his son was being taken into police custody on a serious matter.

    The elder Cornelison said he asked if he could come and get his son and was told he would have to talk to juvenile authorities about that. He said Monday that he had been trying ever since to secure his son's release, but had not been successful so far.

    He said students at the school have been engaging in the so-called "party boy dance," popularized in the movie "Jackass," for several months. That has been observed by staff members without any previous resort to disciplinary action, he said.

    Mashburn's mother, Tracie, said the boys stood accused of "dry humping" the girls - a form of dancing that, while sexually suggestive, does not involve touching. "They're also accused of touching each other's butts," she said.

    Cornelison described the activity as a "hand-to-elbow, spank-on-the-butt" action that boys and girls at the school have been engaging in. He said it's more of a swat than a spank.

    "Everyone does it to each other, that's what I'm gathering," Cornelison said. "They're all friends. I don't think anything was done maliciously or in a sexual way."

    He said what upsets him the most is that parents never have been notified that students have been acting out like this to the point where a problem has developed. As a parent, he said, it is impossible to address an issue without knowing about it.

    He said the two boys are good friends, and it appeared to him that local school and police officials were bent on making an example out of them.

    "My boy's never been in trouble," Cornelison said. "He's never done anything inappropriate. He's not that way.

    "He gets good grades. He's a good kid. I know the parents of his friends, and they're good people."

    Tracie Masburn described her son in similar terms. She said the boys didn't believe they had done anything wrong and were "scared to death" in the juvenile detention center.

    She said she and her husband, Scott, were good parents who had never faced anything like this.

    Rhonda Pope said her 13-year-old daughter was one of the alleged victims. She said her daughter warned her she would be getting a call from school administrators, and she got one Friday from Tillery.

    "She's been slapped on the butt," Pope said. "Several girls are involved. The boys have been asked not to do it. The girls keep saying, 'stop, stop, stop,' but the boys don't listen. They run up and down the halls doing this."

    Pope said her daughter hadn't been touched in any other way, but that doesn't make it OK. When the girls have begged the boys to stop, and they continue anyway, "That's not horseplay," she said.

    The "party boy dance," as Joe Cornelison described it, and the "dry humping," as Tracie Mashburn, described it, is also known as freak dancing, freaking or grinding. And it has become a problem in Portland schools, according to a recent story in The Oregonian.

    Administrators at Cleveland High School in Portland finally cut the school's winter dance short due to actions recurring on the dance floor at the Portland Art Museum despite repeated warnings.

    "It's an eye-opener," Cleveland's Assistant Principal Pam Joyner told The Oregonian. "If most parents attended, they would be offended at what they saw."

    Following this year's homecoming dance, Westview High School in Beaverton announced it would no longer allow freak dancing. School leaders in Bend and Vancouver, Wash., have also had to crack down on suggestive dance moves.

  13. FalconDance

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    Witch hunt without the witches.

    Don't school officials - like politicians - have better things to do?

  14. Seacowboys

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    "Under ORS 163.415 and 163.427, subjecting someone to sexual contact constitutes first-degree sex abuse with a person under 14 and third-degree sex abuse with a person under 18, minors being unable to meet the legal test of consent. It was not clear from the charging information whether the first- and third-degree counts stemmed from the same set of incidents or not."

    Who's body is it? if they can't say yes, can they legally deny consent; can they say no? What the hell is this world coming too?
  15. Brokor

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    The double standard which places boys as being molesters and completely forgetting the fact that these girls were no doubt willingly involved is disturbing.

    I am certain that in some cases, sexual abuse is apparent...but you know damn well that these girls are going to have slept with half a dozen boys before they are 18. And the boys go to jail, and become sexual offenders for the rest of their lives.

    Talk about a load of crap.

    As was mentioned earlier- kids are forced into becoming homosexual, depraved, and completely out of touch with reality. Not to mention their impressionable youth coupled with their need for acceptance.

    The State knows best, eh?
  16. Tracy

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    One of the girls involved was interviewed and said that it wasn't a big deal... that they were friends... everybody does it... and the boys shouldn't get in trouble.

    I'm sure she'll be put in therapy until she submits to the fact that she's been victimized and the boys should be registered as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.

    One of the boys was given the award for "Empathy" last year at school (a real threat to society). Both boys were returned home last night - but allowed no contact with anyone involved. They will (dollars to doughnuts) get an "incomplete" or "fail" in most of their classes.

    Interrogation without parent presence is a common practice in middle and high school. They've tried to question our eldest before - he won't talk unless we're present (our rules). They tried to convince him (for over half an hour - plenty of time for me to have arrived) that it would "only take a couple of minutes and he could call us after they were done." He was adamant that he wouldn't talk unless we were there. They let him go back to class. Makes me wonder what they were going to ask that was important enough to pull him from class, but not important enough to have an adult witness.
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