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  1. ozarkgoatman

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    Yes I do get a small amount every month for my disabilities. But that is not what I did it for.

    So does that mean I can just send all my bills to you for payment. :D Because you know with my failed buisness I could use a bailout from .gov right about now. ;) I honestly just never have wanted speical treatment.

    The way I see it QS is if they start paying the bills for someone then they become .govs responciblity. Of course .gov would want to check up on them to make sure their ok and all. Then of course that person is not all there anymore so we better do whats best for them, of course that includes disarming them for their own good.

  2. ozarkgoatman

    ozarkgoatman Resident goat herder

    Well I'm not on the downhill slide, but I am at the top of the hill lining up. :D If you give .gov an inch they'll take a mile and that's what worries me.

    BTW when it's my time I want to freeze to death. You just get numb and go to sleep. Going out in a blaze of glory sounds fun untill you've seen a few people do it. Then it losses it's apeal pretty quick.

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    WOooOO0)!! VOTE FOR QUIG! [flag]b::
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    If you were 93 and looking at freezing to death yes i would pay your heat bill for you.
    Do they check up on you now for the payments you get? Then why would they for paying your heat bill's?
    Nobody signs up to serve for special treatment, but I still believe if you serve in combat and receive an Honorable discharge you should live tax free for the rest of your life in the US.
  5. CraftyMofo

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    I read this thread this morning, and haven't really been able to shake it all day. I just got a copy of Buck Compton's book signed by the author from the SHOT show, and my buddy who got it from him said it was an unbelievable experience just being in the presence of the man. He was in total awe talking to him, and Buck commented that it wasn't a big deal, he was just doing his duty, he was nothing special.

    I've got to believe that he would not want to be treated differently than anyone else and be taken care of by the state. At the same time, I share a view that these men's sacrifices warrant more gratitude on our part. Somebody earlier mentioned that "community" should take care of this. I believe that to be the case. I think Quigley would help out to pay the bill of a fellow Monkey, and I think most of us would help out if we could. I don't think the answer is a broad brush response that no veteran/no combat veteran/no woman/no children should have to worry about paying for heat/taxes/insurance/prescription drugs/food, and it should be supplied by the state.

    The power company failed in a big way by not making a serious attempt to get the word out or to report this to one of many state agencies that could help in this situation.
  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    All I'm saying is he shouldn't have to died and he should be able to get help I would be that person and would have helped him.

    I have always said if you are a combat veteran you contributed the highest gift to your country and you shouldn't be made to contribute taxes.
    However If you felt the need to pay taxes then you should be able to do that as a combat veteran.

    I never once said it should be the government to do do this, I just said he shouldn't freeze to death, he came close enough to fken freezing to death in WWII in the trenches.

    It's not a valid argument in my mind that there would be more government intrusions on a Veteran they already receive a pension and aren't complaining about the government in their lives why would there be more?

    You could always send the checks back and refuse any help, I haven't seen or heard that being done yet.

    We need to take care of these Hero's they put their lives on the line for what ever personal reason's they had, in the end you were able to remain free and we should make sure they never have to fight again at home to stay alive.
    It scares me of what this country has become on many fronts and first and foremost how this country treat's people who would die for them. and how they are left on the way side at home.

    I had a WW1 vet near me when i grew up double amputee between the knee and hip, one eye gone and tore up from mustard gas. in a wheel chair no phone no wheel chair ramp, he couldn't call for help or leave if he needed to, My brother and i checked on him daily,we built him a wheel chair ramp and picked up his grocery list from town when we walked home from school each day.
    My mother took him to the vets hospital when he needed to go for years until the day he grew tired of the struggle to live at home and took a hand full of pills and said goodbye in a note.It easy to sit here and judge this but until your in "Bill's" position you can never know what it's like.
    I could go on with Vet story's in my home town, we had lots of them badly tore up after the 4 wars.
  7. Quigley_Sharps

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    LOL I'm telling you, if i were in office I would get this done......
  8. RightHand

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    Therein lies the key to your natural spirit of generosity. You had role models who taught by example that it was your responsibility to repay the sacrifice.
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