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    This is a story that is only available online as far as I know. Written by a blogger that goes by Kathy in FL.

    It's written as a young woman's diary, and is complete with repeated misspellings, since there's nobody to correct her.

    It's packed full of recipes and instructions on a wide range of subjects, and I found it very good.

    It is 101 chapters long, but no peeking. That would ruin the story.

    This is Me Surviving
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    I have read and reread it and find it inspiring as a survival story, a gender story in the old classical sense, and thought provoking. Her strong point in the survival sense is the ability to survive with what she has is given and her willingness to fight to the very end. She does not depend on 10 years of preps, a bug out location in the Ozarks, or the National Guard for her survival, she just puts one foot in front of the other and never quits. She has written several excellent stories, not always finished in a short time, and all are worth reading. I would class her right up there with Jerry Young, but unpolished and written from a woman's and first person view point.
    She wrote some stories as Mother Hen also. Some of the formatting is weird though. The stories were written on a blog and you have to find the 1 st one and follow them down. I found several that were never posted as a single unified story. Please figure it out, they are well worth reading and contain a lot of useful information on survival under minimum conditions with the emphasis on the individual and very little gun porn etc. Good introduction to the men or ladies in your life who may have little interest in AR15's and in fact may be turned off by such a plot line, but can get sucked into a story with someone that they can identify with just trying to survive in a changed world.

    I would look here first for the story This is Me Surviving: Prologue

    Another good one is over the mountain and through the fire. Over The Mountain And Through The Fire: Chapter 1

    If anyone likes them, I can probably figure out a few more. The stories were updated, loaded on some custom blogs, then disappeared, so it can be fun to try to find them.
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    Ahhh... I see. It is Fiction, yes? Is there someplace to download the entire story as I don't think I can sit at my computer for 100+ chapters but I'm always willing to give a new author a try, especially amateur authors?
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    It is fiction and I don't know of anywhere to download it as a whole. I read a bit, until I get tired etc, than use the history section of the browser to pick up where I left off when I wish to read some more. I am not very computer gifted so I tend to use all the dirty little tricks that work for me.
    I don't know the lady in person and out of respect for her and a healthy belief in the right of an author to control their works and not understanding copyright law, even if I could load it into a single file, I wouldn't do so for anything other than my own use.
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