This is Scary- Freedom to Fascism video

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by marlas1too, Apr 3, 2016.

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    saw it all the way through and scared me
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    I didn't watch it all yet. I stopped after it listed all the taxes that Americans have to pay...made me sick but will watch the rest later as interesting. I know most the details about the Fed Reserve and the IRS but it is done nicely and is good viewing.

    I had a funny run in with taxes recently. I live in Idaho but I go to Washington state to purchase a scotch that I like. What I didn't realize was that Washington State has the highest liquor tax in America: 20.5% + $3.77 per bottle. I was happy I found this scotch and went to cashier and when he rung me up, I knew something was wrong and ask him, "WTF over?" The guy explain it to me and I got looking at it and what REALLY pissed me off was that not only did they have this HUGE tax but then they added the STATE TAX on top of it - meaning - I was tax twice for it?!?! They taxed the liquor tax! Anyway, I refused to pay it and told the guy I was going back to Idaho and changing my brand of scotch.

    I have been out of the states for a looooong time but I never in my life believed that a tax this large could or would have been placed on any item in the USA. In truth, it reminds me of England as they have huge taxes on specific and personal items like liquor and gas. But, in America, it appears we are now getting the huge British style taxes but none of the bennies.
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  3. UncleMorgan

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    The thing to remember about taxes is that they are not collected to fund the government. They are collected to impoverish the individual and maintain the present system of economic slavery.

    The US government owns an astounding number of income-producing properties that are never accounted in the "normal" manner.

    However, the are accounted in the CAFR. That is the Consolidated Annual Financial Report, and States have them too.

    The first article I read about the Federal CAFR, which is kept determinedly confidential, revealed that the US Government not only needs NO taxes to fund it's operations, it can fund it's own operations and pay every U.S. citizen something like $110,000.00 a year on the side as well.

    Some of the sources of income (most of which are operated much like little fiefdoms) are unusual. For a while Uncle Sam owned and operated the Mustang Ranch--one of the biggest brothels in Nevada.

    Uncle Sam, the pimp. Yeah--that fits.

    Most Americans don't really understand how egregiously they are taxed, but one thing makes it obvious:

    In Florida, we have TAX FREE days just before the start of the new school year. Then, for a week or so, there are no taxes on school supplies: paper, pencils, kiddie clothes & shoes, etc.

    What that means, fellow Americans, is that in Florida the citizens are taxed so heavily they can't even afford to send their children to the free government schools.

    But, like half-boiled lobsters, we just keep on putting up with that instead of climbing out of the pot.
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  4. Ganado

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    wait until you verify that the 'official value of gold' is

    The Gold Reserve Act of 1934
    On January 15, 1934, Congress then passed the Gold Reserve Act which authorized all gold was to be owned by the government as a precious metals base for its currency. This Gold Reserve Act also gave Roosevelt the power to devalue the U.S. dollar by raising the price of gold. Roosevelt immediately raised the base price of gold from $20.67 per ounce to $35.00 per ounce, where it remained until 1971. In reality the price of gold did not almost double overnight — the value of the U.S. dollar fell by 59%.
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    The video has been out for quite some time. Every thing he says is right on but unfortunately Mr. Russo died shortly after making it from cancer. There are several court cases including the current Winston Shrout trial that are trying to get this information into the open. superseding indictment.pdf

    The most eye opening part I think was when Rockerfeller told him he could join the NWO and get a free pass to break any law and do anything he wanted. That and of course the part where the head of the IRS says "there is no law saying Americans have to pay income tax"...
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  6. Byte

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    Rene Russo... Rene Russo - IMDb
    Aaron Russo... Aaron Russo - IMDb

    Is a very enlightening movie. Wish more people would see it. But the herd probably wouldn't even bat an eye even if they did know the info contained in this film to be true.
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  7. Bandit99

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    Frankly, I am not against taxes per say but it seems that they want it all and cost of living never goes down it always goes up. And, why are they entitled to 19-28% of my stock investments when I risked all my after-tax money and not a penny of theirs? And, year after year they refuse to redo the tax code to give us something reasonable and certainly more fair - at least something that make half-sense. And, what I get for my taxes? I get bad government. I get congressional gridlock. I get a bag full of promises made from bad air. We get a HUGE military that fight other countries wars or involved with conflicts of nothing more than attrition, have no winnable objective and ridiculous Rules of Engagement. A Foreign Aid of ~$70B a year to countries that try to screw us every chance they can...that kind of money buys a lot of teachers, pays for lots of Doctors schooling, helps our older generation... They tax my whiskey, they tax my property, they tax the food I eat, my internet, gasoline... Land of the Free? Yeah, right.
  8. Dont

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    Very little new information here.. Granted, I missed a bit as I stomped off and took the bike for a short ride, grumbling and sputtering!

    In all honesty, we are done.. The sheep have drank the cool aid and have accepted the propaganda as truth and without them, there are not the numbers to make a positive impact on the direction the guv is taking..

    Everyone would have to make some action that would negatively impact the financial well being of the central banks.. Seek no more credit, remove your savings and close your accounts, cut up the credit cards, file bankruptcy..
    Learn to live without that which you can not pay cash for.. However, it takes everyone and there are not enough people seeking to shake off the banks and credit institutions..

    Oh hell! What do I know.. I am not nearly as bright as others here and who pays attention to what they have to say about any of this..
  9. enloopious

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    People are waking up in record numbers. The only thing we really lack is leadership and organization.
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  10. Ganado

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    And that sir has been the crux of the matter all along. no one to rally the troops
  11. enloopious

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    The first thing we need is organization. I suggest creating a think tank with the specific goal of figuring out how to get the people more freedom and then suggesting methods of action for those goals. The group would talk about the methods available for both long term and short term freedom as well as education as to what freedom is and what it requires of people. I believe the crux of all our woes is the ignorance and lack of understanding of honor, for how can we hold those in positions of power to a high standard if we don't know what those standards are.
  12. Dont

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    we have mentioned honour in past threads, yet, have we explored what it really means?..
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