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    I've been using Tor for more than a decade. I travel all the time, and often find myself connected to manifestly untrustworthy networks -- from the nets at hacker conferences to the one the Chinese government provided for our use at a World Economic Forum event in Dalian. Tor is my assurance that I'm browsing safely, privately and anonymously. When I do investigative journalism work on national security subjects, my go-to first line of defense is Torbrowser.

    That why we at Boing Boing operate a high speed, high quality exit node. By the way, just this year we received two law enforcement requests for records relating to that node, and despite all the doomsaying about how the cops would punish you for operating an anonymizing tool, in both cases, we sent polite letters explaining that we don't keep logs, and in both cases, the cops returned a polite thanks and went away.

    I donate to Tor, and I trust Tor, but even if I didn't trust 'em, I'd still use it. The great thing about free/open projects like Tor is that they're designed to work even if the people who make them don't agree with you or want what's best for you.

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