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    It's almost exactly like that scene from V for Vendetta.

    You know-- the part in the end where swarms of people go up against the police with their sticks and Guy Fawkes masks...

    That's what's happening in Ukraine right now. And with reason.

    After weeks of student protests over the government's failure to sign a European integration and association treaty, the police violently cracked down on protestors, and politicians passed a series of new laws in the middle of the night. Among them:

    • Criminal extremist activity is now redefined, broadly and loosely, that effectively criminalizes protest, press reports, or social media that is anti-government.
    • Insulting a policeman or judge is now a criminal offense. This includes behavior that "patently offends" or "shows insolent disrespect".
    • Blocking of administrative buildings is now criminalized with a 5-year prison sentence.
    • Anyone who organizes an assembly in violation of 'established procedures' can be arrested.
    • The government has streamlined its ability to force Internet Service Providers to block certain websites it deems harmful in its sole discretion.
    • New amendments to the criminal code allow pre-trial and trial proceedings to be conducted, even if the defendant is not physically present to defend himself.
    The laws go on and on. It's Soviet stuff all over again. And people aren't taking this lightly.

    In total defiance of these new laws, the gun-toting police thugs, and the bone chilling winter cold, people are once again out in the streets.

    There's a great video from a few nights ago where the cops were assaulting a few protestors. Then suddenly a swarm of people with nothing more than fists and sticks ran over and began attacking the police.

    Click here to watch the video (about 60 seconds).

    Societies, like individuals, have their own breaking points. Citizens can only tolerate so much abuse before enough of them take action. Sometimes that means meeting violence with violence.

    I wonder where this line is in the West. Back in the Land of the Free, the government has taken every possible step it can to abuse citizens.

    It has enriched banks at the people's expense. It has robbed the masses of the purchasing power of their savings. It has destroyed liberties, indebted future generations, raised taxes, and regulated the most fundamental aspects of our lives.

    All of this has been done shamelessly, unapologetically. For example, President Obama's "solution" to the NSA spying debacle is to simply outsource the metadata storage to some unknown company.

    Pathetically, this is what passes for liberty in the Land of the Free today.

    Yet while Ukrainians have clearly reached their breaking points and are fighting it out in the streets for their freedom, it remains unclear where North Americans and Europeans draw the line. Most people don't seem to care.

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    It's kind of a funny thing here in the US. As you travel across the country it's more like several countries. The heartland is vastly different than the coast. The north is different than the south. The takers are very different from the entitlement takers. We are in fact in a cultural and political war. There can be no unity where there is no trust. And trust died a long time ago.

    It's obvious from a conservative POV that socialism fails and kills not only the spirit but often the body. Every Nation and individual reaps what they sow. It's the way of the world. You build or you destroy. It is far easier to burn down a house than to build a house. Something to think about.
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    That is what my mother fears is coming, a massive 'rebellion' when the majority finally have had enough. When it will be is anyone's guess. However I know it will not be pretty. War of any kind never is. The dream I had last night about NYC being virtually destroyed by Krakatoa, the survivors...well it was a thousandfold worse than the Katrina aftermath. In the dream I asked a relative why the people were being so ugly, and they replied "Because they know they're going to die.", as in they have no hope of salvation anymore. I pray that's not the driving force when the masses finally have enough.
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    I suspect....brought to you by George Soros.
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