This is Why a Constitutional Convention is a Bad Idea

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    I received this from my local County Tea Party.
    Article V of the Constitution:
    1. Gives NO guidelines for how to conduct a Con Con.
    2. NO rules on how delegates will be eligible or selected
    3. States have NO Guarantees they will even be represented
    4. Con Con could result in a COMPLETE CHANGE of our way of government
    5. There simply are NO controls over the delegates once selected.

    We must stop the call for a
    Constitutional Convention!

    I am not exaggerating when I say the future of our nation is at stake.

    I am becoming more alarmed by the day.

    Because the drive to force a Constitutional Convention (Con Con) is growing stronger.

    I am getting phone calls and notes from APC supporters telling me that they are receiving appeals asking them to support a Con Con.

    I am seeing more and more articles in Conservative publications supporting the call for a Constitutional Convention.

    The Internet is full of such messages. Many in the Tea Party are beginning to support the idea of a Con Con.

    Those pushing the idea are powerful and well funded. Every single state government and all state legislators in the nation have received very expensive, professionally-produced packages detailing how a Con Con could be called and controlled for a Conservative agenda.
    This is an outright lie. A Con Con can not be controlled and there can be no guarantee that delegates will do anything they are instructed to do.
    By calling a Con Con our precious Constitution will be placed on an operating table and cut to ribbons. Nothing is more dangerous to our Republic.

    But the movement for a Constitutional Convention is gaining strength. Conservatives are being targeted because of our love of the Constitution and our frustration over how it is being ignored by those leading our government.
    The effort is misguided, dangerous and just plan wrong.
    We must stop this movement now.
    Urgent: Contact your state’s Governor asking him/her not to sign on to the Con Con movement.
    You and I must deliver thousands of these petitions to every single Governor as fast as we can. They must know that Americans across the nation do not support this certain destruction of our Constitution.

    Please email immediately your state governor.

    This new Con Con effort is very serious. The organizers are misguided in thinking they can control a Con Con once it has been called.
    But that’s what they are telling state legislators and Governors. And many who truly want to fix our problems are starting to believe it.
    These legislators are being seriously duped.

    APC has been leading the fight to stop a Con Con for the past three years. That’s because one cannot call a Con Con to discuss just one issue. Once a Con Con is in place, there is no way to control the agenda.

    The fact is, I’m fighting to stop the Con Con because of fear. Today there is massive ignorance among the American people about the Constitution.

    Worse, there are powerful forces, including Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, who consider that document to be antiquated and a hindrance to their vision of an all powerful central government.

    These things, and more, make today the worst possible time in our nation’s history to mess with the greatest governing document of all time.
    APC has helped to stop calls for a Con Con in Ohio, Kansas, and in Virginia. And that’s just this year! But the battle is growing because very powerful forces are pushing hard to pressure the nation’s governors and state legislatures to pass Con Con resolutions.
    Again, this is not the work of wild-eyed leftists intending to gut the Bill of Rights. This is an effort by conservative legislators who are alarmed by the growing power of government.

    The new plan for a Con Con now making its rounds in state capitals is much more ambitious than ever before. Frankly, it has been created especially to appeal to frustrated and frightened conservatives. .

    Now an entire package of ten amendments to the Constitution is being proposed and promoted to state legislatures. It sounds appealing to them.

    The main groups pushing for a Con Con are the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), a conservative association of state legislators; and a new group calling itself the 10 Amendments for Freedom, Inc, chaired by William Fruth, President of POLICOM Corporation. I’ve never heard of him before.

    While ALEC is working behind the scenes to build support for a Con Con among state legislators, Fruth and his 10 Amendments for Freedom group has moved into the public eye to sell the Con Con idea to mainstream America.

    Last Spring Fruth kicked off his campaign by mailing out a slick, expensive package to conservative leaders and to over 7,000 state legislators. The package contained a book written by Fruth entitled “10 Amendments for Freedom.”

    Fruth is pushing for a total package of 10 Amendments to the Constitution including:
    • the balanced budget;
    • repay the national debt in 50 years;
    • government transparency;
    • line item veto; term limits for Congress;
    • control illegal immigration;
    • English-speaking nation;
    • no foreign law shall bind us;
    • government restraint (preventing the Federal Government from growth beyond constitutional powers;
    • an amendment declaring “in God we trust.”

    All items you and I would probably enthusiastically support.

    And Fruth tells state legislators that they can have all of those things AND control the agenda and the delegates of a Constitutional Convention to pass only these resolutions.

    That is a lie!

    Article V of the Constitution says absolutely nothing about the rules. It just says once 2/3rds of the states call for a Con Con then Congress must act to make it happen. No rules on how delegate are selected. No rules on the agenda.

    History proves that the delegates to a Con Con are under no obligation to follow any rules. They can make them up as they go.

    And remember, just two years ago, when the entire nation was protesting and demanding that Congress not pass the Obama health care bill – they did it anyway – against all odds.

    You and I witnessed the raw power of those who have no regard for the Constitution. They are now just waiting for misguided REPUBLICAN state legislators to make the fatal mistake of voting for a Con Con.

    Then they will swoop down and take control of the process and the agenda. Do you have any doubt of that happening?

    It is folly and madness to call for a Con Con today!

    What massive government power will they write into a new constitution? No Bill of Rights? No 2nd Amendment? No property rights? I shutter to think of the consequences.

    Please, it is urgent that you join me now to stop the Con Con. I need to flood the offices of governors across the country with petitions demanding they not allow a Constitutional Convention vote in their state.

    Please sign you petition and return it to me today. It is urgent that we make our voices heard now – loud and strong.

    APC has been an effective voice in this battle since it began about three years ago. It was then that APC helped stop the first resolution in Ohio.

    After that defeat the pro Con Con forces had to regroup and come up with this new, more powerful effort. They are now bringing other groups into the battle Many of these groups I have never heard, of like “Citizen’s Guardian.” But they are mailing millions of letters to conservative supporters to make it seem as if the whole conservative movement is behind this effort. It is very dishonest.

    But it’s starting to work.

    Already, Con Con efforts are underway in Florida, South Carolina and Idaho. I hear from more states every day. This can snowball overnight – unless we stop it now.

    So, I have been forced to regroup APC’s efforts as well. I am reaching out to other organizations and leaders to join us in this fight to save our Constitution.

    I am writing articles, appearing on radio and television and sending out our own mail program to reach all Americans across the nation.

    APC does not have the rich and powerful war chests of the American Legislative Exchange Council or these other groups that are driving this Con Con effort. I have no large corporation to fill my bank accounts. I have only you.

    But together you and I can beat them. We’ve done it before. Our position is right and the truth will win – but only if we can get this message to governors and state legislators now to counter the lies they are being told about a Con Con.

    So please, it is urgent that you sign your petition to your governor.

    But I absolutely cannot lead this battle without the funds to do it. I don’t have the war chest of those pushing the Con Con. I have only voluntary donations from loyal American like you.

    But you know what? Together, you and I have stunned the Left in our incredible battle to stop Agenda 21. And we can do it again in this battle to stop this dangerous, outrageous call for a Constitutional Convention.

    .P.S. Please forward this message onto your friends and family. We need the support of as many patriots as possible to stop the Con Con in its tracks.
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    @tacmotusn was this just an open letter with the author's opinion or are there links to other sources for review and comparison to the issue presented above.
    There seems to be a lot of opinions flowing on this issue and it is a serious matter to review and determine who is correct and what the best course of action is.
    For me, the biggest fear is having a convention called and the professional politicians hijacking the process. Which could cut the constitution to pieces.
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    Both parties will want this, wait and see.

    Their goal will be the same.
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