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    While having a discussion about Copyright's and copyright infringement...

    One of my friends sent me this...and yes, it's for real...and it just cracked me up...

    Enjoy, if you're so inclined....

    I did....

    Trademark attorneys are programmed to go after each and every instance that they feel weakens their trademarks.

    I used to work in the department at Dow Chemical associated with STYROFOAM brand plastic foam.

    It was a constant battle for our attorneys to keep people from referring to foam cups and coolers, etc as STYROFOAM.

    Well MAD magazine had misused SYROFOAM in one of their our attorney dutifully wrote to MAD Magazine.

    The letter to the editor and response follows [​IMG]

    "The December, 1990 issue of MAD (#299) has been brought to our
    attention. Please be informed that incorrect reference was made to our
    trademark STYROFOAM on page 12, ("MAD Reviews the 21st Century Ahead of

    "STYROFOAM brand foam products include insulation used in the
    construction industry, nautical billets and billets sold into the
    floral and craft industries for further manufacture. STYROFOAM brand
    plastic foam is not used to make cups, plates, food containers, trays
    or the like.

    "Instead of using STYROFOAM when making reference to consumer or packaging
    products, please use 'foam' or 'plastic foam'; for example, 'foam cup',
    'plastic foam tray' and 'foam packaging material'.
    Marsha M. Lang
    Trademark Attorney
    The Dow Chemical Company"

    [end of letter]

    To which the Editors of MAD replied:

    "M.- We were so moved by your letter we xeroxed it and scotch taped it
    to our MAD(r) bulletin board with a band-aid! Everyone read it during
    our traditional MAD(r) afternoon jello break (which, by the way, we
    keep fresh by storing in baggies!). Before we knew it, everyone in our
    office began sobbing and reaching for kleenex and chap stick (some even
    needed vaseline and pampers!) There's no question about it -- Dow
    helps us at MAD(r) bring good things to life! -Ed. P.S. -- What the
    hell are nautical billets??"

    [​IMG] [​IMG] I don't think they wrote to Mad magazine after that.....

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    :D ~giggle~
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