This latest round of flu anyone got/had it?

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by WestPointMAG, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. WestPointMAG

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    I think I caught it at an auction, with in 48 Hr of getting home it had me. My chest feel hot and dry like I jut ran a mile on a 90 degree day. Cough, fever, headache, dizziness, lethargy, tiredness, muscle stiffness and soreness. I if you have or have had it you know what it is like if not then the fun awaits you. I am on day 4 and am only back to full strength by 50 percent I should have this beat by now so what ever this flu is it is tuff. [yukface]
  2. Seawolf1090

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    It roared thru the workplace over the last couple months - folks were dropping like flies! I don't do the vaccine - heard too many bad things about it, and this year the bug mutated away from what it was designed for - news reports say it was only 40% effective at best.
    I have not gotten the full bug - had a short bit of something at one point, but stayed home a couple days, rested and slept - works for me! Orange juice, flu meds and Nyquil - I was back in the saddle in two days.
  3. Seacowboys

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    I had it and was essentially down for a week. I still do not feel 100%. I had chills and ran a 103 degree fever for three days. I stayed in bed for three days and and I have never done that before.
  4. fritz_monroe

    fritz_monroe Guest

    Yep, had it a couple weeks ago. I rarely take off work for illness and this one had me out the entire week. It's odd, I'm the one that doesn't get sick but the wife gets everything, with the flu this year, it was just the opposite, wife didn't get it at all.
  5. Quigley_Sharps

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    Not I.
    I have not got the Flu in 3 years
  6. WestPointMAG

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    I am one of those weirdo’s That does not feel pain the same way that others do I have set my own arm twice. I do not bruise easily, if you hit me with a hammer hard enough to bruise me you will do a lot of other damage. My hair is not round it grows with a square cross section. I hardly sweat, If I am sweating I am sick, I can do work that would have most guys flowing like a river and I will not even get damp. My cuts do not get infected but if I get cut my immune system does not know when to stop, it will keep going and eat my pigment cells. In the last 10 years I have been sick 3 times bad enough to put me down. This round of flu has me thinking where I stand on euthanasia . I have worked hard a lot of 48-72 Hr. straight shifts and not been as exhausted as I am just setting in my chair right now. I ramble, I think my brain would lift the print off a newspaper.
  7. groovy mike

    groovy mike Immortal

    I would be dead without meds. Tamiflu seems to have helped and I am back to work but still not 100% a week later. Stock up on Over teh counter fever and cough meds NOW. You do not want to be caught without something to treat thsi with.
  8. SeptemberMage

    SeptemberMage LaMOE Monkey

    My house looked like a Hong Kong sick ward circa 1918. Four of us sick with fevers and chills, ear infections, the works. My wife started taking Tamiflu and avoided the worst. As for the rest of the State it appears to have been just as bad...

    Flu epidemic depleting blood supply for Oklahoma, Texas

    Sat Mar 8 12:20pm EST

    OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - The state's influenza epidemic is leading to a shortage of blood supplies to the American Red Cross and Oklahoma Blood Insititute.

    Officials say both services are down more than 1,000 pints because of the flu and other medical problems facing donors. The services provide blood and blood products to more than 100 hospitals in Oklahoma and north Texas.

    Red Cross blood centers are about 500 units short, and the Oklahoma Blood Institute is about 520 units behind normal supplies.

    Red Cross officials are appealing to those donors not affected by the flu to give blood.


    Information from: The Oklahoman,
  9. groovy mike

    groovy mike Immortal

  10. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    I'm in Texas and we haven't gotten it yet. I haven't taken a vaccine since high school, and won't because of the impurities in them. I have CHF and pnemonia would not be good. Stay away from processed food, sugars, and junk food, which weakens the immune system.
  11. Bernoulli

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    I got Influenza A (I had my flu shot). It caused lung inflammation which put me in the hospital 15 days followed by two more from side effects of the prednisone (given as an anti-inflammatory). That was followed by a couple of weeks more of side effects - killer headaches and nausea. Doc said 3-4 months to recover plus another six months using an inhaler daily.
  12. CRC

    CRC Survivor of Tidal Waves | RIP 7-24-2015 Moderator Emeritus Founding Member

    I get a flu shot every year, and haven't had a real flu since I was a teenager.....Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth....

    Heck I didn't even get so much as a cold this year....and this is a good thing!
  13. WestPointMAG

    WestPointMAG Monkey++

    I am still not 100%, I went for a short walk {18 miles} two days ago and by the time I got home and unloaded my butt was dragging very low.
  14. Wild Trapper

    Wild Trapper Pirate Biker

    I had a mild case of the flu last month, lasted about a week. I'm an old guy, most of the flu symptoms like, "Cough, fever, headache, dizziness, lethargy, tiredness, muscle stiffness and soreness." are things I have to deal with anyway, but to be sick on top of that...., well then I feel rotten.

    Glad I'm only old and don't have the flu now.
  15. TailorMadeHell

    TailorMadeHell Lurking Shadow Creature

    I've had two flu shots as of late. One back in January and the other this month. One was voluntary and this last one was mandatory as is the case whether you have your shot record or not. Haha. So far I haven't been sick per se. Did get cold chills, a mild fever and a sore throat. I contribute that to just a normal bug though. Don't think it was the flu. So far the shot seems to be working. Hope all you flu victims feel better soon.
  16. nightshade7206

    nightshade7206 Monkey+++

    I had it about 6 weeks ago. First time Ive had the flu in years. My family and I never get a flu shot, instead I load us up on a high Vitamin C diet, and supplement with echinacea and zinc. This year my father died from a long battle with lung cancer. I was so consumed by what was going on with him that I neglected to prepare for the flu. It got me but I was able to quarantine myself and saved the rest of the family from it. I was able to kick it in about a week, but was pretty tuff stuff.
  17. mrrk1562

    mrrk1562 Monkey+++

    i havent had the flu in over 20 something years .i dont ever get a flu shot ..the last flu shot i got was in aug 1986 on parris island mcrd ..this year just got a chest infection .. been layed off so im not around many people all that much .. i think the last shot i got was a real good one ..a cold war weapons grade one .. any one have any thoughts on this ..
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