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    Was A Giant Planet Ejected From Our Solar System? | Fox News

    Ever hear the argument that belief in God is a way for simple people to explain things they can't explain scientifically?

    What about when science makes a theory that can't be proven or disproven to explain something? I say you can't have it both ways.

    The above article details how amazing our solar system is:
    I say, that makes sense. God is amazing.

    What would an atheist scientist say? Well, they would make up a planet in order to explain it with the following caveat:
    That's why I hate to hear atheist scientists try to explain things- so many of their explanations tend to be based in unproven theories. Ask one about gravity one day. Try to really get them to the root of why gravitational force occurs. They will get into the law of gravity. They probably won't get into why the quantity of matter has this effect.... its unexplainable except in un-provable theories.... whether religion or science.
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    Much of scientific theory requires as much faith as religion. And is zealously defended by it's adherents. Take the theory of evolution. Many secular, non-religious, scientists have condemned it as patently flawed, yet it's devotees still doggedly defend it to the point of ruining carreers of those heretics who dare to question it. The modern academic equivalent of burning at the stake.
    Too many times science takes a preconceived idea and searches out the evidence that supports it and disregards any other.
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    Well I am a simple person. In God(he paid in blood) I trust all the rest pay in Silver or Gold.
    PS I used to take cash not any more.
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