This made me laugh - Karen definition (obnoxious white woman)

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    not sure it's true but it ought to be... [lolol]
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  3. jodirumph

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    Good reminder that some times the best comeback is to play along :) until the absurdity plays itself out.
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  4. sdr

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    Few days ago I discovered Youtube videos of "Karens" in action. Few minutes was all I could handle.
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  5. Ura-Ki

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    Had some choice words for a Karen a while ago, stupid self important clueless female in the wilds, never a good thing! Chewed her a new one and it felt pretty good! Problem is, those Karen's will do everything they can to destroy you, just for being!
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  6. Seawolf1090

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    Hehehe....... classic! He played it perfectly! Let her keep digging her own hole deeper and deeper.
    I have always looked years older than my real age. During my freshman year in high school, during rather long "study halls" in the loud cafeteria, some seniors thought I was a teacher. They asked me to check their homework. I obliged, marking their mistakes. I often wondered if they ever found out a mere freshy showed them up?
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  7. Wild Trapper

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    I knew what a Karen was for a long time.
    My wife's name is Karen.
    She just found out about what a Karen was a couple days ago.
    Believe me, I never would of told her, but I think her sister told her about it.
    When she told me I just ROTFL at her. [roflmao]
    Might explain the crap I had for supper the last couple evenings!
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  8. chelloveck

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    Having worked for some years as a big box hardware store team member (aka 'customer' service '$h1t kicker)...obtuse, obnoxious self entitled customers were of both female and male single gender had a monopoly on obtuseness, obnoxiousness or entitlement.

    Although it is possible that the dialogue in the Redit may have occurred, it is more probably a matter of embellishment or fictional.

    In handling those customers I was at all times polite (but not deferential) to the point of absurdity and gave the customer the least service I could ethically deliver. To those who treated me with dignity, I gave them the best possible service I could deliver. The pity of it is that 'management' usually sided with the obnoxious customers to avoid a scene and get the customer out of the store ASAP before the customer started complaining up the ladder of command.

    I had a Karen / Ken once who returned a cheap hose that they had yanked from the the tap and split the hose near the connector...the customer expected that I would simply exchange the hose. The customer was less than impressed when I spent several minutes testing the hose under water pressure, saying 'yep...that hose is damaged, and yep, it's spraying water through the split'...I then cut about an inch off the damaged section, secured the end fitting on the hose securely and retested the hose under pressure...said to the customer...'you damaged the hose, it is now repaired free of charge, and the hose works perfectly' and then handed the still dripping hose back to the customer who left the store clutching the repaired hose...gawping like a floundering fish....that was a very satisfying day. :D
  9. jodirumph

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    Chellovek that is awesome. You fixed the problem were courteous but still managed to demonstrate how a person who uses the brain god gave them can solve a problem. You can join the "most likely to be able to change the oil in the alien spacecraft club".
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  10. jodirumph

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    I fight insurance companies for services for individuals who experience Autism every day. I am always unfailingly polite. They work they have to follow their set of rules. Sometimes I do have to go up the chain because what the client needs doesn't fall in the scope of work that they are allowed to authorize. I find that if you are polite and explain that they are relieved and more than happy to escalate you without having to make them curse your grandparents for having brought you into the world.

    Sorry about dinner- Can I recommend flowers. If she is a non-flower lover I'd make a special dinner for her. I am a relative marriage newbie only 23 years under my belt but its the small things that keep my marriage trucking along.
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  11. ditch witch

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    When it first started gathering steam, "Karen" referred primarily to white women, 40-50 years old, who tried to nanny pants everyone they came across. The personality was generally two parts mommy to one part bitch. Everyone had to follow the rules and rest assured Karen knew exactly what every one of them was and would not hesitate to inform you of them. Watering your yard at 10:02 am when there's a water restriction saying stop at 10:00? Karen sees. Kids left unattended at the park for 20 seconds? Karen sees. And what Karen sees, Karen can't wait to correct. Argue? She'll be calling the authorities before you can flip her the bird.

    Karen KNOWS EVERYTHING, from company policy on bathroom breaks to exactly how many people the fire department said can be seated in a restaurant, and if she sees someone breaking "the rules" she won't waste any time swooping in to scold them... and probably report them to management/police/social media. She will also leap at the opportunity to notify a manager if she feels one of his employees is acting in any way, shape, or form contrary to company policy, the law, or her own personal pleasure. Nowadays a true Karen will appoint herself social distancing hall monitor and also keep a sharp eye out for anyone not wearing a mask.

    Oddly enough Karen frequently had that weird high/low short bob that was scalped in the back and long in the front. It was as if the style was issued to them upon acceptance in the club. However this is not a requirement to be in the Karen club. Yet. If they pass a law, rest assured the Karens will enforce it on each other. :D

    A lot of people new to the Karen world inaccurately assign the moniker to any annoying white woman, but Karen is considerably more specialized than just some woman who calls for the manager because the cashier was less than service oriented. Karen is also not gender limited, not even close, but stereotypes being what they are, this is what we all envision when someone says "Karen".


    IMO the Karen archetype evolved from bored mothers who lost their minds after years of running behind 2.5 kids trying to get them to behave, and now erroneously view the rest of us as children in need of structure and rules.
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