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    Ok Bruce this is one new techonolgy for you in cold weather areas and your use of diesel powered set ..

    I have found something that might meet the needs of a small house hold in your areas..

    The unit is called a Efoy 2200.model compact gen set design to use the M5-M10-M28-sized fuel cartridges in 5.liters-10.liters-28.liters sustem

    it can be used indoors and not have to worry about the fumes or mess of gas or diesel or other fuel drive gen sets and the only thing it puts out is water here and there and it needs to be drained aways from the unit into a bucket or outside drain system

    the unit is the sized of a small mircowave oven but can put out to 2200 a day to charge the small household battery bank that someone might have ..

    i was talking to the gentlemen who is the tech for the company and i explained everything to him that i wanted in a backup gen set .and he going to layout some facts and figures to me in a Email on my needs ..

    but he was talking like to charge the battery bank once a day or every couple of days a normal M10 cartridge last about three months of use if you are only chargeing the battery bank and not useing nothing else like to power the house because it does not use alot of the fuel like the big gen sets .

    the cost of the unit is around $5500.oo dollars and you can get two M10 fuel cartridges for around $110.oo plus shipping and they can be fedex to you there ..

    i know that going to add some cost to the cost of the unit ..but think about in this way for less than $130.oo dollars a year you can charge your small battery bank dureing the winter time and not have to worry about cutting into the budget to get more fuel if it need or have to worry about not beening able to get fuel into the place because of something happened down here in the states ..

    The website is so take a look at there website and see if that would work up there in Alaska for a small household with a basic set up for chargeing the batties dureing the winter months when there is not alot of solar or wind around ..

    here is a few pictures of the unit to give you some idea of the unit just a thought about maybe it can help some of the people up there with there off grid lifestyle ..
    EFOY_Web_Startbild1_0. Technische_Daten_Comfort_EN_0. Technische_Daten_M5_M10_EN. Vollautomatisch_EN.
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    this unit post is the follow up to the thermo cell post idea
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