This really is quite incredible.

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    This really is quite incredible.
    A visual depiction of unemployment, by County, for the entire United States, over the last 2.5 years. Amazing to watch and only takes a minute or so.

    Click the link, and then
    "Play" in the center of the MAP,
    and watch it change by month.

    or just watch it on Youtube. I'ma dum bass.

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    Looks ominous.

    Still 90% working though.

    cup 90% full.
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    Problem is that these figures don't count people who've given up on finding work, taken early retirement or are working PT to make ends meet. Factor those in and you get a figure between 16 - 18%

    This is from an extremely liberal source so even though it's a conflict of interest, they come up with 16.77%
  4. Tracy

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    Fade to black.[angelsad]
  5. melbo

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    She needs to revise her top slot from 10% to %25 percent. We are way higher than 10% in many places.
  6. fireplaceguy

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    Yeah - topping out at 10% is kinda outdated. I do find the choice of colors appropriate, though - looks like a big bruise!
  7. RouteClearance

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    The best source of true economic numbers is John Williams's He uses the original pre-1992 government mathamatical formulas for all major economic indicators.

    The true Unemployment Rate is currently at 22%.
    The true rate of inflation is currently at 10%.
    The true GDP for last Q09 is currently at -5%.

    Are the above numbers more in tune with what you see and experience?, or do you buy into what the MSM is currently feeding the sheeple?
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