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    Government efficiency at its best.
    I just received a phone call from the Census Bureau. First they verified my phone number. Then they told me I had been chosen to fill out a 28 or 32 page questionaire (unsure of number, I was already seeing red). I told them I had already filled out my census form and mailed it in March of 2010 or so. I told them there were questions on that form that went beyond the limits as to what I had to tell them under the supreme law of the land, the Constitution. I told him I was not answering a more invasive form! He went on like he had never heard a word and asked for purposes of confirming their data if my address was (censored)? I told him "NO", and that the conversation was over, that I had work to do. Have a nice day. And, I hung up on him.....
    If they come, I will be ready.
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    What truly amazes me is that the "census" takers went from door to door in the middle of the desert, not once, not twice, but 4 times!!!
    Guess they needed extra bodies? Too bad, the nearest town of AshFork Arizona had a population decrease from 464 +/- to less than 400!
    Not only did they drive everyone nuts, they opened gates and walked into areas clearly marked for NO Trespassing! This wasn't just on someone's front yard, oh no...they opened gates and let cattle out! Guess they can't read themsleves! Here in north Phoenix, I never saw 1 census taker...maybe it's the illegal population?
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    First, it's done by telephone so it's more likely to be a scam.

    There are a lot of "fishing" techniques out there.

    You did the right thing by not giving them anything.
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    Your Tax Dollars at work....
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    I never even thought of that. .... DUH. .... but in my defense my caller id indicated Census Bureau. The number was 1-240-420-6029 ... so if we got any phone phreaks that want to poke around....
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    Never saw a census worker but they visited my neighbor

    Maybe it was my Rottweilers

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