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    04 Oct 1777: General George Washington leads a bloody, unsuccessful attempt to break through the defenses of British-held Philadelphia, PA. This event helped convince France to aid the Americans in their revolution.

    05 Oct 1871: Irish-American immigrant John O’Neill, a commissioned officer in the U.S. Army and Civil War veteran, leads six hundred Irishmen on a raid to capture Manitoba, Canada and hold it hostage against the British, until British forces evacuated the Republic of Ireland.

    06 Oct 1863: Confederate guerrilla “Bloody Bill” Quantrill and his raiders massacre a Union detachment near Baxter Springs, KS, killing 70 Federal troops.

    07 Oct 3761 B.C.: According to the Jewish Talmudic calendar, God creates Earth on this day.

    08 Oct 1918: American war hero Alvin C. York kills 25 Germans and captures 132, saving his unit from certain death in the Argonne Forest. Sgt York is later awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery in combat.

    09 Oct 1601: 18,000 European Christians begin fighting 80,000 Muslim Ottoman Turks at the Battle of Stuhlweissenburg in Hungary, ending in Turkish Muslim defeat. Mehmed III, Ottoman Sultan and defeated commander, previously bragged that he would capture St. Peter’s Basilica and use the altar to water his horses.

    10 Oct 732: Charles Martel defeats the Moors at the Battle of Tours in modern-day France, preventing the Muslim conquest of Europe. One of the most pivotal moments in the history of Western Civilization, had Martel been defeated, many historians agree that Islam would have conquered most of Europe.

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    Interesting how we are once again fighting the battles of religion against the muslims..... some 1.000 plus years later.
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