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    18 Oct 1912 – First Balkan War begins. Balkan League members Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Montenegro rapidly defeat Ottoman Muslim forces. Not only were many Ottoman soldiers unfit for fighting, but the Ottomans also declared war before mobilization was complete.

    19 Oct 1774 – After Patriots coerce the ship’s owner, the Peggy Stewart, docked out of Annapolis, Maryland, was run aground and set ablaze with its British flag flying high, destroying over 2,000 pounds of tea.

    20 Oct 1917 – Russian Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin disguises himself and infiltrates Petrograd to begin an armed takeover of the Russian government.

    21 Oct 1861 – After scouts mistake a line of trees for a Confederate camp in Loudon, Virginia, Union forces advance but are repressed into the Potomac River as Confederates fire into the backs of Federal soldiers swimming across the river. Many Federal soldiers were said to have drowned in their attempted escape. Col. Edward Baker, a sitting U.S. Senator, was also killed during the fighting. Puzzled as to why the Federal Army was losing battles, the Congressional Joint Committee on the Conduct of the War is later established to investigate, and U.S. Brigadier General Charles Stone is arrested for treason during the failed battle and jailed for six months.

    22 Oct 1962 – Soviet military intelligence officer Oleg Penkovsky is arrested in the Soviet Union and charged with spying for Great Britain and the U.S. He’s later convicted and executed.

    23 Oct 1813 – During the War of 1812, the American Pacific Fur Company in Astoria, Oregon, escapes an armed takeover by selling their outpost to their competitors, the British North West Company.

    24 Oct 1929 – On this day, Wall Street experiences the infamous “Black Thursday,” leading to the 1929 stock market crash and beginning of the Great Depression.

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