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    This week in history…

    27 SEP 1869 – “Wild Bill” Hickok becomes sheriff in Hays City, KS. He stops a bar fight on this day by shooting one of the brawlers in the head.

    28 SEP 1917 – William, Duke of Normandy, arrives in England with his army during the Norman Conquest. He will conquer Britain and become known as William the Conqueror.

    29 SEP 1918 – The last Allied offensive of WWI concludes as British forces break through the Nazi’s Hindenburg Line and take 22,000 prisoners.

    30 SEP 1777 – Forced out of Philadelphia by British forces, the American Continental Congress moves to nearby York and makes the Pennsylvania town the nation’s temporary capital.

    01 OCT 1928 – Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin introduces the First Five Year Plan, nationalizing agriculture and industry.

    02 OCT 1780 – John Andre, a British spy, is hanged by American revolutionaries. Andre had on his person papers reporting that American general Benedict Arnold offered to surrender West Point to the British for 20,000 British pounds.

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    Now that would be a real trick, given the Nazi Party wasn't founded until Feb 24, 1920.
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    Didn't he die around 1087...again, quite a feat.

    Is this an alternate history site?

    ETA: apparently, things did not copy/paste properly, or they were changed after the fact on the parent site...
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    I noticed that as well... some discrepancies in time lines for sure.
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