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    I came across this article and had to share it. This is a very good synopsis on our foriegn policies and why they don't work.

    Reaping The Effects Of Our Foreign Policy

    Ron Paul supporters are again saying “I told you so.” They are pained by the fact that their warnings have again gone unheeded and that more violence and death is the result.


    The history of the United States’ diplomatic efforts in the Middle East was exemplary until 1953 when the CIA overthrew the elected Prime Minister of Iran. Iran was a free, prosperous, westernized nation. As a result, a free head of state was overthrown while many of his followers were imprisoned, tortured or executed. It’s little wonder that the Shah was overthrown by religious leaders who used his US backed oppression of the Iranian people to fuel support. Our embassy in Iran was then attacked. Imagine that. Fast forward.
    Libya and Egypt had oppressive US backed regimes. Religious opposition arose. Billions in US money and weapons were given to these forces. Yet again, we intervened in the affairs of foreign nations.

    The Liberty Movement’s position on foreign policy is that the United States should not get entangled in the business of other countries. This position is not isolationism, which involves refusing to trade or have any diplomatic relations with others – a la North Korea. Rather, it is non-interventionism, which involves free trade with open and honest friendship to all – a la Jefferson (and the shores of Tripoli if we’re attacked). There’s a big difference.


    With soldiers on bases in 140 countries, and over a decade of continuous war, the American people are tired, our soldiers weary, our wars expensive. Rome’s problems are our own. The attacks on our embassies were incubated in an environment our foreign policy created. We must extinguish the all too easily stoked flame of infringement upon sensibility and cultural pride. This will squelch the ability to attract eager recruits to the jihadi fold, like depriving oxygen from a flame.


    A strong appreciation for irony is mandatory when seeing our country have wars where they’re not necessary and not have wars where they are. It shows a contempt for our own, a disregard for those not our own, an eagerness to do what is temporarily politically expedient and a lack of resolve to do what is necessary, regardless of the consequences. We owe it to ourselves, our children, our Founders and millions around the world to cease unnecessary conflicts and intrusions into the affairs of other countries. Our future as a western civilization may depend on it.

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