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    At my last job, when people would come to complain about the lack of police presence in the community, I suggested they do this very thing. All reacted with horror at the very notion. Glad to see there are still people out there willing to take care of their own community.
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    They need an overflow tent camp like Sheriff Joe in Arizona and chain gang work crews. Oh I forgot this is the left coast we are talking about. Well, it is only next door to Commiefornia.
    We have a Sheriff candidate running here in my little Florida county who actually understands the Constitution, the 10th amendment, and has stated if elected he will posse up any law abiding citizens interested and able to assist him in squashing crime in our county and help in keeping the Feds out of our business. He is also a prepper.
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    Anybody notice all the negative rural and "redneck" remarks in the comments section? Are they afraid of protection or maybe it's apprehension they are afraid of.
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    Sheriff's department in Klamath county, OR. is the same way, hours cut way back due to lack of money.
    The Sheriff told the community that if it isn't rape or murder, don't call them, file a report online. And don't expect a Deputy to come out and investigate. Now there are people using atv's to scout for the crew in the pickup truck that steals everything they can get. I see people smoking dope in their car right in the village. It's going to get worse before it gets better.
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    Those comments must be buried below all the positive comments that are now posted. However, I did not take a bunch of time to read all the comments posted.
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    We have a prominent Monkey Brother who lives in this County. I would not want to be a "Badguy" messing around in his business. I had a very nice chat with him recently, about this specific issue. ......
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