thought this would be a book some might like

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    good story... but how probable this could be is another thing...

    concerns folks gathering in 1 state then voting to become kind of a rebellious nation within the U.S.

    and just tellin the U.S. Gov F off we are going full Constitutional as per the original intent...

    tells how they did it and where it went... enjoyable read...

    Molon Labe!!
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    Thanks OD49! I put it on my amazon book list to pick up as soon as I finish reading "Jack Hinson's One-Man War" that @RouteClearance recommended. I'm about done with it, 75% finished. The library got it for me. It's damn good btw. Thanks!
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  3. GOG

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    If someone is newer to firearms it's very informative along those lines as well.
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