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    Good one Cephus!!! : )

    The song and musical score are a little saccharinly sentimental for my taste, but great war film footage and photographs, and some mighty fine footage of some mighty fine old war birds. Nice to see so many still in the air...looking like they had just come off the production line.

    Here's a cheer for the men and women* who flew them and a rousing cheer for the men and women on the factory production lines who worked hard to get them into the air...and a cheer for the men and women who maintained them so that they could keep flying!!!

    * Although numerically few relative to the male flyers, during WWII women played an important part as ferry pilots. Both American and British pilots did this very important and necessary work, releasing men for front line combat duty. The feats of the ferry pilots were awesome...and I mean that it was AWESOME! Most combat pilots would learn to fly one particular kind of aircraft for their service life...fighter, bomber, transport, etc, and might learn one or two different aircraft marques for the duration of the war...depending on what postings they had. The ferry pilots in any one day may fly several different aicraft, a mix of bombers, fighters, trainers, transports, army liaison light aircraft....each aircraft with its very own unique handling characteristics, and vices. Had they have been permitted combat duty, I have no doubt that there would have been a number of aces among them. Regretfully, not a few ferry pilots died during the course of their wartime flying.

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