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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Motomom34, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Motomom34

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    My youngest loves knives and has been talking about getting a pocket knife. This weekend we took a field trip to a knife store. Wow, what a selection and education (for me). We looked at all the name brand, very well made knives plus they had a bargain basement (my words, not theirs) display of knives from China and such. We skipped the bargain basement display because that is not what he is looking for.

    The kid held different knives, talked to the sales people and we ended up leaving without a knife. He is looking to purchasing his first real pocket knife. Many times on the monkey I read posts of members have stated that they have carried the same pocket knife for XX years. My son is looking to find the pocket knife that he will carry with him throughout his life. He is really very serious and is not being impulsive with this decision. He had previously talked about ordering one on-line but I discouraged because somethings need to be bought in person. After our trip to the knife store, he understood that if it does not feel right then that is not the one.

    We talked on the way home. Actually he talked and I would occasionally ask a question. Since I am not a knife person, I did not get it but after our trip to the knife store, I finally understood. This a rite of passage to manhood.
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  2. ghrit

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    He needs at least two knives. EDC and dress carry. A ceramic blade is about right for dress carry, I've given a couple to young men at appropriate times in their lives. The EDC knives come and go, most often going by loss rather than breakage.

    (Same approach with watches, sez me and maybe me only.)
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  3. Andy the Aussie

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    Does he have a style in mind, traditional slip joints, lock back, frame lock, liner lock etc etc. And a budget as well. From there we can maybe point him in a good direction.
  4. Dunerunner

    Dunerunner Brewery Monkey Moderator

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  5. Seawolf1090

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    I still have the twin-blade Buck #317 folder I bought while a senior in high school in 1975. It went around the world with me in the Navy, and is still a sharp workhorse. Unfortunately Buck discontinued it decades ago to concentrate sales on the #110 lockback Hunter. Other companies make knives nearly identical to the #317.
    But it's a big knife. It scares sheeple.
    Often I carry one of a huge collection I have. Lately I am on a folded/layered steel ("damascus") kick.
    I used to avoid Chinese and Pakistan knives like the plague, but they have improved greatly when they want to. But still, one must be careful. They will cut corners.
    Many old American companies now source their knives in China, so check them carefully if you insist on "American Made".
    Any pocket folder with screws in the sides needs careful checking, and likely Loctite. I have had those screws back out, sometimes causing a blade to open in my pocket! Ouch.
  6. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    I am a big trapper pocket knife fan but like all knives not everyone taste ate the same he will have to figure it out for himself I carbon steel will get real shap
  7. GOG

    GOG Free American Monkey Site Supporter

    Mad Mother/perception skills Moto. :)
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  8. Legion489

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    Knife store...aaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
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  9. Bishop

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    Take him to Smokey mountain knife works and plan on 3 days of looking touching
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  10. Motomom34

    Motomom34 Monkey+++

    Good questions, I will have to ask him. I know that the fancy release/closure buttons get jammed so he is looking at a basic knife. He wants a good sturdy blade that will last. He really likes some of the Spyderco knives. He mentioned Enduro and Commando? I think those were the ones he was talking about today.

    Thank you for that helpful tip, things like this are important.

    That is in Tennessee. Not quite in the area.

    Since I realized what this was and how special it will be to him, I have offered to chip in so he gets a nice one that will last. His budget is at $250. I told him I could get a gun for that much which made him laugh.... I can get a .22lr for $250 but he said that a knife will be more beneficial then my $250 gun. We are still debating that!
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  11. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    If he finds one he likes go to blade matrix and see if he will save money they have good deals on cold steel Spyderco he'll all of the top brands
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  12. Yard Dart

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  13. Bandit99

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    Well, speaking strictly about folders...I got some damn expensive knives like an Emerson Commander and the smaller version but I tell you what I always seem to find in my pocket is either my CRKT Rainer or Shasta (both of the 14K summit series). These are not excessively expensive, got a double lock system (which after cutting myself with my Swiss knife I greatly appreciate and now demand in a knife!), light weight, good edge and take a good beating. I wouldn't use these for fighting but for general needs...
  14. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    If you want him truly hooked avoid ceramic (breaks to easily) .... introduce him to a Damascus custom builder and lasky sharpeners. I prefer non folders, but that is probably a non-starter for a young guy as concealment is probably a priority. look into concealed carry laws with regard to knives.
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  15. 3M-TA3

    3M-TA3 Cold Wet Monkey Site Supporter++

    This will sound lame to the blade aficionados, but I've carried Gerber LST's (Light, Sharp, and Tough) as my pocket knife since they were introduced during my backpacking days. Whatever knife you get him get him something to keep it sharp and make sure he learns how to use it. I use a small EZ-Lap pocket sharpener for almost everything - it has diamond bort embedded in iron and makes short work of a dull blade.

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  16. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    If you use them to cut instead of pry, they don't break (in the case of ceramics) or bend (as steels can do.) And yes, local laws can add up to a burden not worth carrying.
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  17. Sgt Nambu

    Sgt Nambu RIP 4/19/2018

    No carry knife is going to last a life time, if you use, sharpen, drop a knife it will wear out. Fact of life. Even the finest knives will wear out. I hope he finds one he likes! :)
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  18. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    I have an old Buck knife, one of my first as a teen....still a great knife!!
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  19. Bishop

    Bishop Monkey+++

    post-6475-0-47653200-1451670285_thumb. post-6475-0-38778000-1451670308. This is a knife I designed I gave it to this guy told him what I wanted and he made it happen it is exactly like the pattern I gave him
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  20. GOG

    GOG Free American Monkey Site Supporter

    FWIW, I've been partial to Benchmade for some years now and they have quite an assortment of knives. They also rate their knives for quality. Gold Class, Blue Class, etc. but of course prices are commensurate.
    They also have the "Life Sharp" program. Send them the knife and for five bucks to cover shipping they'll sharpen and go through the knife and send it back good as new. You can even have the blade replaced, but that costs something. I've used the deal a number of times and it's an excellent service.
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