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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Alpha Dog, Nov 11, 2011.

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    I have multiple holster's and each one has a different use and I was just wondering what other's thoughts and reasons are. I was getting dressed to go out with the wife and baby the other day and was putting on my ankle holster. I want to get out of the way I love my Springfield 1911 and when I get a scratch on it it's like scratching my soul. So I carry it for special things. The other time I carry my glock 26 and with the mag ext it holds 13 rounds.

    The first hoster is the fobus ankle holster

    It holds the firearm very secure and very few people ever look past the waste for a weapon. I wear this holster off duty and on duty for my back up weapon. the hoster is rugged when going out with the wife and baby I wear jeans and Rocky work boots and you can not tell that i even have a gun on Plus when driving or riding the weapon is at your finger tips and easier to get to in a vehicle than most hip holster's. Now the down fall if you live in where you get large amount's of snow (I do) or in a place where you have to cross a stream or ankle deep standing water ( at times I do). But a very very good investment.

    My second holster Black hawk paddle back

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    This holster rides close to the body and I wear it with a large untucked shirt, jacket or when ever Im just at the range. It also locks the gun in to the holster to keep someone fro jerking it out from behind or from the gun from falling during a confrontation. With a little practice the lock isn't a promblem. I have two of them one I carry and the other I permantly mounted under the dash of my personal vehicle for the firearm we leave in the vehicle and unless you know where to look it would take awhile to find and is securly locked in.

    This is my favorite
    But the weapon is not secure and can be jerked out from behind or knocked out during a scuffle and possibly come out if running. So I wear it to low threat functions. Easy and qick draw and rehoster.

    Holster are kind of like shoe's each one has a different fuction like tennis shoe's for running, boots for work and dress shoe's for social event's. I have yet to fiind a all around holster but these are the three for me. I would also like to add please everyone take some time and practice drawing from what ever your choises are. I have seen boots killed and never got the gun out of the holster. I take a couple to the range every time I go and run a few drills at the end with a 100 or so rounds like drawing from the ankle holster from laying on my back or side. If you try it you will be surprised at the how different it is to shoot from those positions. Or with my concealed holster Ill put therr targets up and number them. Then Ill turn my back and have a friend scream a number and Ill turn and shoot on a 5 or 10 second clock. So remember if you carry and at 25yards can get 15 rounds center mass thats pretty on paper but if you can't get the gun out of the holster. It don't meen $h!t train as if it's really happening because the mistakes there can be corrected. On the streets when SHTF training is over and no second chanse. Also the holster I mounted in the vehicle I also mounted a double mag puch if you get the black hawk or fobus roto the have scews on the back easier to mount.

    So any of you guy's carry certain holster's for certain reasons I would like to hear. Because as a Deputy I get ask for tips from alot of civilans and boot's and my choises might not work for them.
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    If I carry my Browning Hi Power, it is in the self-modified Shoulder Holster I bought for it 30 years ago. That is where it lives. When not on "Me", the whole rig lives on a Hook in my Office, just off the Living Room in the cabin. When Traveling, the rig lives in its Locked Case, inside one, of my two, Checked Bags, on the Airlines. In the Rental Car, on the Back Seat, inside the Bag, but NOT in the Locked Case. Yes, that may be illegal, in some places, but I would rather be Judged by Twelve, than Carried by Six, Period.... ..... YMMV....
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    I recently got a Taurus Judge to carry.. Much easier to carry this time of year than in the summer.. When I got that, I bought a Blackhawk Serpa holster to carry it in.. Out of all the other holsters I have for all of my other revolvers or auto's.. I like it the best by far!! ... It's the first one I got that carries a big gun comfortably.. I like the trigger finger button too.. It's never going to fall out of the holster or be pulled out of the holster by some zombie behind you.. When you reach down to draw, you push the button with your trigger finger and draw the weapon, and as a result when the weapon clears the holster your trigger finger comes to rest on the side of the trigger ready for action.. I am going to get Blackhawk Serpa holsters for the rest of my hand guns.. I showed a friend at work that holster, so he went and got one for his Sig.. He agree's, its the best holster he's found too...
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    Thats the thing I like about my blackhawk too aannd it's not hard to get use to. I've been looking at one of the judges for my vehicle gun, I have had the chance to shoot a couple and to test some of the defense round's nice gun
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    I carry 3 different pistols and depending on the time of year and where I'm at dictates which one I have at the time. My summertime jeans and tee shirt pistol is a Kel Tek P-11 9mm with a pants clip on it and is carried inside my front pocket. Would not be an acceptable LE backup carry because of retention problems (officer safety and lawsuits), but for me it draws easy and retention while running or jumping would be fine. With any kind of jacket on my next choice is a Glock subcompact in 10mm, kicks like a SOB, but a hell of a round. I use a pancake holster for it very similar to Alpha's favorite except it is a thumb break version for retention purposes. For around the property and in the country I carry a full size Glock 10mm with a regular thumb break holster.

    I have tried ankle holsters and don't care for them. The only advantage I can see in one is if you need to draw your weapon inside a vehicle access is great. The main disadvantage is an encounter outside of a vehicle where you have to move and draw your weapon at the same time. Pretty hard to hop and draw at the same time.
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    I too have the box full of holsters and fanny packs........ for competing, I use a Wilson Practical, a OTW, on the belt, lined kydex,,,,for formal carry a 1911, it's a molded IWB @ 5:00,,,,,, for BU( and informal) it's a Kel-tec P11 9mm in a molded Don Hume IWB @ appendix......I have a Mitch Rosen Executive shoulder holster, but don't have much occasion to use it.
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  8. gunbunny

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    I've heard a lot of people put the Serpa holsters down for two reasons: one, that they increase the chance of an AD (although I do not understand how, as when I practice drawing out of a Serpa, my finger ends up on the side of the FRAME) and that there is a chance for a small stone or pebble to get jammed in the finger paddle and not release the weapon.

    I think there may be a small chance for the second one to happen, but this didn't deter me from buying several for my Glocks or for the wife to use with her S&W M&P on her duty belt. That one is concidered a triple retention and has a cap that covers the back of the slide, yet pops out of the way when drawing. I'd rather her have a triple retention holster than not, since I believe her loosing her weapon would be the biggest threat she could face, not small pebbles.

    The other concideration I had that made me switch to the Serpa for her was weight. I've gotten her away from the bulky "sam brown" type of belt her department supplied and gotten her all nylon gear that is much more comfortable and less then half the weight. When walking is the biggest part of your job, you have to make it the most comfortable you can. I also got her a pair of Danner Arcadia boots. Talk about pay once,cry once. They were expensive, but even with her bony feet they should outlast almost anything else I can buy her (usually only lasts a year), remain as comfortable as possible, and have the ability to have them repaired.

    My most favorite holster isn't a holster, but a specially made pair of pants. I bought a pair at the local gun show from the paople who actually sewed them together. Made locally, they weren't cheap, but I don't mind buying goods sold by the people that actually made it. The pants fit well, are rather heavy duty, and fit like normal cargo pants. The pockets are made to breakaway so you can pull the pistol directly up and out of the pocket with no delay or snagging. They work well, and don't print a Glock 22, which is saying alot, since it is really hard for a 170lb small guy like me to conceal firearms without loads of bulky clothes.

    They are located at CCW and worth every penny. I'm hoping to get a pair of their cargo shorts sometime soon for next summer.
  9. Tikka

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    For taking dog out in the evening I use an Uncle Mike's "Inside-the-Pants Holster" except I just stick it my back pocket. Its quick and easy. They are inexpensive so I have one for the M59 and the High Power. Web belt and military leather for hiking.
  10. Alpha Dog

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    Another good holster I use during the fall and sping is a 511 tactical vest. I have one in tan has multiple hiden pockets and a place for a velcro hoster inside the vest. The vest has a hidden pocket on the right and left for your firearm and when in the pocket it can not be seen even if you don't have the vest zipped up.
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    I carry a S&W 340PD .357 or a G27 in a front pants pocket. Right pocket off duty and left pocket on duty as a back up gun. I've been carrying the 340PD more often in the last few months it just carries easier. I wear a Krammer pouch with a speed strip on my belt and carry another two speed strips in my other front pocket.





    I would stay away from the Serpa. Do a simple Google search and make your own decision.


    Mr. Murphy has a horrible way of showing up at the worst possible moment.
    Your post doesn't make much sense to me. You acknowledge "there is a chance for a small stone or pebble to get jammed in the finger paddle and not release the weapon." I would not go any further than that. There are many many excellent options with level 3 retention.

    Get your wife some advanced training in handgun retention. I am not sure if S&W still offers it but I took a Lindell Method of weapon retention instructors course from them 15+ years ago, it is simple and it works. SigArms also offered simillar training.

    I've always tried to carry the best holsters I could on duty. The Safariland 070 was my choice for may years. The Safariland SLS is my current holster.

    We do not allow officers to carry the Serpa and buy them an ALS for on and off duty carry.
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  12. Alpha Dog

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    I like that Smith and the 357mag round is raw power I carry a G26 on my ankle as a back up and have been looking at a couple S&W 357mag's.
  13. usmcvet

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    The baby Glocks are awesome. This little .357 hurts like hell to shoot but it is very comforting to know I have a powerful gun close by.
  14. Wolfgang2000

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    I really like that little 357. I have a 940 but it stainless, and as heavy as my G26. So I keep it as a house gun. But if you ever want to swap my 940 for your 340 let me know. (y)
    When I was working my duty was a G19 the G26 was bug, and ended up with the Kel-Tec 32 for a get off me gun.

    Since retirement, it's mostly my 26 and the Kel-Tec.
  15. usmcvet

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    I just read in another forum that 940's have a bit of a cult following. You might get big Bucks for it. Stoked with good 9mm ammo I am sure it would doo the trick. With folks wanting one caliber like 9mm for all their guns the 9 wheel guns are big hits again. It takes moon clips right?
  16. Wolfgang2000

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    Yes it does. It's a neat little gun. Just heavy.
  17. E.L.

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    Milt Sparks Versa Max II. I carry a full size 1911 and often forget I even have it on. Most comfortable holster I have found. Just as important as the holster is the belt. If the belt isn't made to carry the weight of a pistol on it then you will have trouble with it. Of all the ones that I have tried, my favorite is my El Paso Saddlery double thickness belt.
  18. Pax Mentis

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    Well...I have a whole box of holsters that never get used. Most of them seemed like a good idea or had been recommended but just weren't comfortable.

    Other than that, I have one (Crossbreed Supertuck) that gets used almost every day for my Glock, a Desantis shoulder holster I got in '87 when I went to a Ruger P series after carrying a j-frame up to that time, plus a generic ankle rig for the J-frame .357.

    As I said, the Crossbreeed/Glock is an almost every day thing, The shoulder rig takes either the Glock or the Ruger for wedding or funeral wear...and sometimes on the property when a belt is not called for, and the ankle rig takes along the J-frame when impulse tells me to wear a backup...
  19. usmcvet

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    Man to have half the money back I've spent on holsters I have in a "box" would be great. It is one of those things you just need to try and see.
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  20. craneje

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    I usually carry one of three guns; a Colt Lightweight Commander, a Glock 20, or a Ruger LCP.
    The Ruger is my every day, every where, all the time gun. It sits in a home-made holster in my right hip pocket. The holster is made of a single large square of thick saddle leather with the rough side out. The pistol is held in position by a very thin leather strip that also holds a spare magazine. When dropped into the pocket of either slacks or jeans, it disappears! The comercial pocket holsters I've seen are way too thick.
    The Colt is my open carry gun when hiking or camping. I have several holsters for it, including a CYA, hip, and shoulder rigs, but most often carry it in a leather army full-flap holster hung below the belt, simple, convienient, comfortable, and secure.
    The Glock is my go to war gun. I have an Uncle Mike's hip holster for it that also fits the compact 10 mm, and an imitation military leg-drop holster, but I'm not really satisfied with either. Still looking...
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