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    Ive sat in a home in the Philippines whre a 4 year old baby laied in "state" the child had dange a totally cureable sickness. Third world have excellent doctors and hospitals, many Americans use these systems as US health care becomes too expensive. The big difference is that if you have no money to give the Hospital you dont get in the door period end of story. Many die of simple illnesses.

    In a SHITF senero CLEAN WATER and PROPER SANATION is the key to good health.
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    My family and I make our own meds now. Now is the time to learn, not when your life, or the life of you family member depends on it. When we are in the woods sometimes I'll ask my 11y/o to name all the herbs see can see from where we are at. Then we discuse their uses.

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    Does anyone know anything about essential oils???
  4. What do you want to know exactly?

    What books did you read? Any recommendations?
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    GREAT PLAN, except for me my wife is one of the nurses and would insure she was the only one I got to kidnap...
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