Thousands of people downtown flames...what is going on?

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    Oh its a family Christmas parade.

    The way civilized people with respect for this country and its values behave..


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    Found this link, from your link above. Man found dead in car near Canfield apartments in Ferguson : News
    After reading several different versions of the same story with vital information missing, and since contact data with this linked story was right there. .... ie: Jacob Barker 314-340-8291 or JBARKER@POST-DISPATCH.COM
    The following was my email to Jacob;

    in reference: Headline: Man found dead in car near Canfield Apartments in Ferguson
    Updated 4:40pm; With, Death being treated as a Homicide.

    Jacob, I have to ask, but I should not have to. Since this unidentified man (WHO?) of untold race who was shot and burned and found in a car 350 feet from where Michael Brown was killed (Was he burned beyond recognition? Could his race be determined? (WHY?) if known was his race not revealed? AGE? Reason for being there? Are the Police not releasing known data?

    Jacob, Your story shouts more questions at the public than it reveals. Why bother, if you are not going to give us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? If there is a reason you are so ill informed to report on this piece, give us those reasons. Otherwise we can only assume you are an incompetent boob, or a shill for Liberal misinformation. Lies of omission, never the less are still LIES. Grow a set Jacob, tell the public the truth.
    Sincerely, my name redacted, Tac
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    LOL, oops, man in car was a male black in his 20s. Poor Jacob. He incurred my wrath for little reason.
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