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    In August we had three Americans that thwarted an attack on a train in France-

    The men who averted a massacre aboard a French train -

    Remember that? They took down a Muslim. They were called heroes.

    Last week we had a shooting at an out of the way community college in Oregon- People kept asking, "why this one?" There was one story that was in the background to all the shooting stories. It seems that one of the American heroes actually was supposed to be in class that day.
    'Dancing with the Stars' rehearsal kept France train hero from scene of Oregon shooting | Dallas Morning News
    I guess that was just an odd coincidence.

    Last night another American hero was attacked. Who?
    Spencer Stone, hero in French train attack, stabbed in California

    I have watched the video of the alleged attack and it doesn't look anything like they described. I have been watching this develop for a few hours. Now the tabloid news is saying our hero was in a gay bar and this was just a bar fight that spilled out into the streets.

    So two heroes that thwarted a Muzzi attack; in one week have had incidents that have touched their lives.. Is this coincidence? Or is my tin foil wrapped to tight? [tf]
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    I read that Stone came to the aid of a young woman that was being harassed and was attacked by several men and stabbed. Too bad he wasn't carrying concealed...
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    I'm sure it's all just a coincidence...
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    On discovering that one of the students enrolled at the college in Oregon but was not present during the shootings, had been one of the three on the train, I thought no good deed would go unpunished. I am growing tired of the bas...
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    He was in Commiefornia and if carrying concealed to defend himself and her, would have been arrested.
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    Better arrested than dead..... Even in Commiefornia.
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    excellent find @CATO makes me believe even more that the Oregon shooting was a result of the actions of the Alek Skarlatos and his friends. Alek was very open about his Christianity and the shooter asked, "Are you a Christian?" I do believe that the Oregon shooting was an act of terror but no one in the MSM will even say that.
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