Three guys on a beach find a genie lamp..

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    A British man, a French man, and an American are walking down a beach when they find a genie lamp that had washed up. The British guy rubs the lamp and out pops a genie who immediately thanks them for releasing him from captivity in the lamp. Because he is so grateful he says he will grant each man a single wish.

    The British guy says he loves the tradition of his country and wishes for the queen to live forever. At that moment the queen was suddenly filled with a new youthful demeanor.

    The French guy says " I love my country so much I want to protect it. I want a wall built around the borders of the country 50 feet tall and a hundred feet thick so nothing can get in or out.". At that moment the huge wall was formed around the entire border of France.

    The american asks "what did the Frenchman request?" The genie replies "he wants a large wall built around his country so large that nothing can get in or out. Now what would you like?".

    "Fill that up with water."
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