Three of my favorites - stolen!

Discussion in 'Blades' started by Georgia_Boy, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. Georgia_Boy

    Georgia_Boy Monkey+++

    Some lowlife broke into my truck last night after I returned from camping/hunting. Taken were 1. a 1942 Marine machete that my friend's Dad carried across the Pacific during WWII.
    2. the only custom knife (bushcraft) that another friend's son made for me. A beauty!
    3. a 6 month old Cold Steel Kukri (the inexpensive one, but super in yard or camp).
    Lotta memories from #1 as we carried throughout the Caribbean and Atlantic while sailing, better than a handgun. Being a pensioner I'll never afford another custom knife. I am in a rage about this as we live way out in the country. Time for some game cams and rocksalt for the 870!!!
    I am sure disappointed.....
  2. VisuTrac

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    Lime and a shovel work too.
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  3. chelloveck

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    Sorry for your losses GB. Although the objects may have been taken from you, the memories weren't. Though you might like to have the objects still, the associations with them will remain yours for as long as you remember them.
  4. Yard Dart

    Yard Dart Vigilant Monkey Moderator

    A loss of a great knife is like the loss of a loved one..... I feel for your circumstance but as @chelloveck said, you will always have the memories!!
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  5. Yard Dart

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    Forget the rocksalt.. and go with some good old fashioned bird shot... of course if it was me I would just go buck & ball for good measure.
    The perpetrator will be back... once they have a taste, they will want to see what else you have.... just a thought. Be ready to gut the bastard!!
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  6. Brokor

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    Stupid meth heads. There's no shortage of scumbags.

    Sucks, dude. Having your stuff stolen is about the worst feeling in the world. All you can do is prep against robberies in the future. Park near a motion sensor light, have a dog on duty, and don't be afraid to pop a shot off now and then.
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  7. kellory

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    Sorry for your loss, and I would suggest cameras, but do not be tempted to cross that line.
    It will help nothing, if you are in jail.

    Set a trap, and catch 'em in the act. Hand 'em off to the law, and you might get your stuff back. But it would do you more harm than good, to plant any of them in the ground. Few places will allow property to be protected with deadly force.
    I hope you catch them, but I wish you wisdom more.
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  8. Yard Dart

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    Agreed with your intent of staying out of trouble protecting property... not worth it if you have to go outdoors to subdue them unless it is within your local juristictions rules for that to happen. But if they crack your back door in the middle of the night... I fall back to Gut The Bastards....
  9. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    Oh, if they are in your house, you are fully justified in protecting your family by any means nesasary (IMO) that is pure self defense.
  10. Pyrrhus

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    Plenty of places allow you to protect your property. The key is living in those places before you need to do so.
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  11. Georgia_Boy

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    Thank you everyone for your kind comments. My truck was parked up against the garage door with the door lights on. Also 2 corners of the house on that side have motion detector lights. Just ballsy perps.
    Will be adding 4 or 5 game cams out there along with trip wires. I considered punji stakes but with my memory I would most likely be their 1st victim......
  12. mysterymet

    mysterymet Monkey+++

    File a police report then start checking local pawn shops. Odds are the meth head will try and sell them for drug money.
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  13. Georgia_Boy

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    @mysterymet, yes that is my plan. I talked to the deputies yesterday and rather than them driving out here to see nothing, I'll go see the Sheriff and the Chief of Ds for the report Monday as we know each other (small county). LOL, my 83 y/o MIL suggested checking out the three pawn shops already......
  14. Falcon15

    Falcon15 Falco Peregrinus

    Hogs, man. Feral hogs have to eat too.
  15. NWPilgrim

    NWPilgrim Monkey++

    Any teenager neighbors that are bored during Christmas break? Might ask their folks if they have seen the knives.
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