Three Tragedies

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Quigley_Sharps, Apr 18, 2013.

  1. Quigley_Sharps

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  2. Yard Dart

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    Just like magic, don't watch the hand with the ball, what is the other hand doing behind their back.....? Screwing the people once again!!
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  3. Rabid

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    Not that they haven't been watching the electronic communications all along it is that now they can spy on us leagally.
  4. Tracy

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  5. Kingfish

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    Is anyone really surprised? These so called terrorist attacks serve to do one thing. They empower socialists who have been pushing for a police state for decades. I even noticed at how the press worked in a possible assault rifle in the hands of the fugitive. Who knows what is true any more. And now from sea to shining sea the call goes out to end more civil liberties in the name of security. This country has its head in its ass.
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  6. enloopious

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    Obama vowed to veto it. lol which means he'll pass it.
  7. STANGF150

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    We keep hearing about the Boston Marathon Bombing. but barely any mention of the bomb at the JFK Library. Seems to me the Marathon Bombing is the distraction alone to the JFK Library.
  8. BTPost

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    That is because the JFK thing was nothing more than a Fire in the Mechanical Room of the building.... No Bomb, just an unrelated fire, that happened that day...
  9. fedorthedog

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    I don't believe in coincidents
  10. BTPost

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    That is fine with me... Dog... However, the Governor, himself, stated that the earlier Report, that was given, was in error, and the JFK thing, was unrelated to the Bombing, and just a Mechanical Room Fire.... Part of the Information Fog, that surrounds such events.... Most of what the Talking Heads speculated about these incidents, has been proven, False, when the FACTS, are finally made CLEAR. YMMV.....
  11. Quigley_Sharps

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    So now days we discard smoking materials in the HVAC system. Must be a new style of HVAC system different then the 15 years of HVAC systems I have worked on.
  12. DMGoddess

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    Yeah, and the bomb drill was a coincidence, too, along with the emergency seminar scheduled for the day after the Texas explosion ... too many coincidences, IMHO. The fire in the Kennedy library very well may be incidental, but I reserve my right to be skeptical.
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  13. BTPost

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    If you were a .Gov type, these type of events are the exact type of places that you would want to run a training excesize in, while the event was going on. It is a very natural thing to use, for training, and I would suspect that there were multiple independent Units from MANY different Orgs, there doing training, and very few of them would know of the existence of the other units, doing the same thing. I have no doubt that there were SEAL Units in the training mode that weekend, there as well, as the Private Contractor Units "The Craft" there doing their training as well. I even think it is very likely there was a NIST Unit somewhere in there as well. I think that the London Marathon has SAS Units training there, this weekend. Most of the Sheeple will never know who or what these folks are... Blind as Bats with a hearing problem... Just saying... YMMV....
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  14. DMGoddess

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    Good point, BT. I love how you try to ground me. Well, my aunt put wings on me years ago, and I'm still not on the ground. I love you for it, anyway! [hrt]
  15. ghrit

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    We know Craft International was there, at least two of them showed up early in the published pix. Those packs didn't have bombs in them, I'd bet it was tactical gear. Dead giveaways were the boots, pants and jackets, and similar appearances as well as the apparent skull patches. If those guys want to be a bit more invisible, dressing alike ain't the best way to go. (I've been surveilled on one occasion, lasted several months. Spotted the watchers in milliseconds of first sight. Shoes gave them away, as well as furtive glances. Don't ask on the forum.)
  16. BTPost

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    We all know you are a Thug... G... It comes with the territory....:lol
  17. Yard Dart

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    Probably one of them there duct detectors spontaneously combusted causing the fire...... it is the electricians fault and not the mechanical system...;)
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  18. Motomom34

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    I would like more news about what is going on in Texas. Are they still in the search mode or recovery. I heard there were about 60 missing but maybe they have been accounted for. I went to some Texas news sites today and found lots on Boston but little on West. My heart goes out to those people.
  19. Motomom34

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    ghrit I also thought those guys are PC at first glance. They stuck out and didn't look like they were there to watch the race.
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