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  1. Bishop

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    Hey if anyone is looking for a good not good but excellent Kylie Stick check out this spot.

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  2. arleigh

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    cool ;
    I have my own throw sticks already .
    Dad made them for me when I was a kid .
    It's especially fun when you can use the wind and make them come back to you ,but more importantly being able tin hunt with them mostly birds. A foot ball field is best to learn in initially and then you work with wind in open areas.
    I like learning with sticks configured all exactly the same ,kind of like knife throwing; length weight and configuration.
    I need to find them , thanks for the reminder.
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  3. HK_User

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    Got one, mine is an accidental procured model from trimming a Oak Tree
    One end is handy for the weight and density of three combined knots, now covered with Commercial Epoxy Hy-sol.

    The other end has an increasing taper that serves as a hand stop.

    More like an Irish shillelagh at about 3 feet with a good balance and heavy at the important end. Real Irish Fighting: A History of Shillelagh Law and Hob-Nailed Boot Stomping | FIGHTLAND

    Pictures later, but it is just a stick, or cane or a club like weapon to fight the British over lords.
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